Remembering Times Past

The bottom line is that there is no such thing as 'remembering'. When one removes the cloak of night, there is no remembering, there is only what IS. There is nothing else.

Along the way of our travels, we tend to pick up 'things' here and there. It is unavoidable as it is in the nature of 'being'. Then, one day, we happen to look at our mementos and realize that perhaps 'things' should be different, so we then endeavor to restore our shining selves to ourselves. Many times, we start again on our travels none the wiser.

We do it again and again.

Until, one day, something strange happens. We open our eyes, as if for the very first time, and say to ourselves "What am I doing?". "What are these cycles that I keep repeating over and over?" "What is this about?" And so, our explorations begin anew, and the path that is then travelled comes to be a very different one indeed.

There is no remembering who we are. There is only the removal of the illusions we have placed before us in an attempt to hide ourselves from ourselves. When we play hide and seek, sooner or later, 'we' come out. Here I am!

Ahhh, there you are!

When play time is over, we find that we grow spiritually into a young, knowledgeable, extremely bright Being. There is nothing like coming home. Again.

When you are at Home where ever and when ever you go, it is if you have never left. And that is what draws thetans together. The common bond of Being.

And for that, there is no cure. :-)

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