Enjoy The Show

During my years 'in' the 'freezone', I've seen a number of out-points and some I have myself, encouraged. I don't expect anyone in the 'freezone' to take what I am saying here as even close to reality, but that is not my concern. The 'freezone', between 'hiding' from both the CoS, and almost everyone else, is actually an alternative clearing paradise. In other words, it's not Scientology based, it's based upon the principal that Scientology, as a religious philosophy, is flawed and in error. Therefore, those in the 'freezone', are not Scientologists, but 'freezoners'.

Yes, the 'freezone' has it's foundation in Scientology principals, but this is only used as a ploy to 'draw people in' to the 'freezone'. A Scientologist has no reason to 'draw people in', nor does a Scientologist have a reason to be at odds with the religious philosophy called "Scientology".

[Note: The religion of Scientology is here defined as being in it's true form, not as it is currently being practiced in the CoS.]

When one accepts one's religion, it then becomes true for that one.

The 'freezone', by it's very definition of a 'loosely organized' collection of people, encouraging the practice of 'whatever works', is completely at odds with the religion called Scientology.

There are no Scientologists in the 'freezone'.

And when 'freezone' auditors, who clearly lack the experiential aspect of Scientology (at the very least), sell processing to 'help' others, all that they are really doing is making themselves right by getting other people to deny Scientology.

That is a crime of huge proportions.

The Bridge to Total Freedom is a very narrow Bridge. It's rare the individual who actually has the courage to step carefully and firmly, along it's entire route. Sure, there are a lot of people who say "I've done the bridge." It's not the words, it's the actions which gives a thetan away.

This is why I call those in the 'freezone' the Shadow people. They are in the Shadow of the Bridge, not on the Bridge itself. There is a very remarkable difference in the two.

As time passes, this will be seen much more clearly.

There are no 'accidents' and there are no 'coincidences'. If turmoil results from the corruption of the Church of Scientology, it is not your concern. The entirety of your concern is getting yourself free. If Scientology is not the way for you, then move on and continue your search elsewhere. If you don't want to be here - leave. It's as simple as that.

A Scientologist is committed to Spiritual Freedom, for both themselves and others. A Scientologist knows that they have a choice, and they also know that others have a choice as well. Wandering out in the jungle, dazed and confused is no choice at all and those that encourage that action, no matter the words spoken, are plainly seen. Of that there is no doubt.

With Ron's passing, all sorts of actions went into effect. Those who dwell upon his body and his body death do as they should, but a Scientologist is different. A Scientologist is a spiritual being who sees much more than the physical universe. Much more. And to that end, knows.

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy the show.

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