Where Were You?

When all is said and done, where will you come to find yourself? Will it be right where you had always wanted to be, or will it be where you never, ever, expected to find yourself? In whatever case you come to regard yourself, remember this - self-determinism reaps it's own rewards.

Along the way of conquest, battle are fought, sometimes losing, sometimes winning. The end result comes to mean little as the next battle comes to fruition. It has always been thus, and always will. Leaving one battle, another looms. Is it any wonder, then, that winning or losing CAN come to mean very, very little to those who know this game only too well?

At the end of the day, will you come to reflect upon your few precious moments of awareness and become satisfied that you have done all that was expected of you? Will your reflection be empty of regret and/or indecision, or will these too, capture your interest?

Pausing in Eternity, there is always time.

Many times, once the battle turns decisive, individuals come out of nowhere to proclaim their role and roles in shaping the coming victory. To this I say "Where where you?". Where were you during the heat of battle? Where were you when it was time to stand up for the rights of not only yourself, but the rights of others as well.

There is a world out there, complete in every way. It is the board upon which we play and exercise our right to freedom. To the victor go the spoils of war, but in this religious game of Freedom, there are no spoils. These 'spoils' are what happens along the way. It is called 'self-determinism' and it is the only thing that ensures Spiritual Freedom for all.

Standing up to be counted, for one side or the other, has no bearing in the least. Freedom is not found in quantity nor is it to be found in uttering the 'magical' words of others. Spiritual Freedom comes from one place and one place only - yourself. And from the very depths of self-determinism comes the root of all happiness - your willingness to be.

Freedom is not to be found enduring the endless cycles of bodily birth and death. Freedom is not to be found in raging battles of banks and tracks. There is but one way out of the bottomless pit called the downward spiral, and that is the way of self-determinism. Nothing can stem the tide of Freedom when an individual actually wants it. Nothing can stop self-determinism other than your own anti self-deterministic tendencies.

You started the war, now you're looking for it's end.

Where have you been in the meanwhile? Where are you now that it's time to stem the tide and reach out for a settlement? Yearning to be free, we enslave ourselves.

Where were you when it all came to an end?

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