Walking Away From Walking Away

Looking in the mirror, from the mirror, the endless depths of our potential can be seen. Endlessly, the possibilities fade into our perspective of view. From here, we can see forever.

While the attention is down the track of time, here we remain, just as always.

Extending our viewpoints is like throwing out a fishing line. What is it that will return to us? What is it that we will be rewarded with?

From the stance of not being involved, we seek to become involved. Immersing ourselves in experience we pretend we are not where it is that we really are. Walking away from ourselves, we seek, not a return to ourselves, but simply the best fishing spot.

Where the fish bite most heavily, it is there that we want to be.

Experience is like that. It keeps you coming back for more. :-)

Sometimes, even in our spiritual pursuits, nothing changes. It becomes nothing more that the nibble that is felt on the hook, tugging at our interest.

Perhaps the day will come when the pull on the line will be undeniable. So much so, in fact, that we will lose our footing and fall into the waters of Life, becoming pulled under by what lies at the end of our hook.

It will not be a 'new' becoming, it will simply be ourselves finding that we are always right where we are. And through the game of bait and switch, perhaps the realization will come that our viewpoints are nothing more than we, ourselves, in disguise.

Thinking makes it so.

And when enough contradictory 'thinking' finally arrives, we come to say that nothing makes 'sense' any more. In desperation, the fishing line becomes the life blood with which we seek out the 'answers' so necessary to our 'survival'.

It becomes a whole new ball game.

To 'pull' yourself out of the pond of Life, all that you need do is to discard the tangles of line and hook. Cutting yourself free, you will come to find that what you see, you become. In other words, you are, right now, as trapped as you want to be.

If you really wanted to be free, the viewpoints which you have bound yourself with would be non-existent. Are you trouble free?

Removing the baggage, we travel quickly and easily to our destination.

In your travels, you need not take the long and difficult road. The quickest way to BE free, is to get there.

So the next time that you throw out the line, looking for what will arrive, remember that it will be nothing which will remove your cares and woe.

Sometimes, it's better to not fish at all.

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