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Rockin' 'Round The clock

In coming full circle much is revealed although through time and space it sometimes seems to take forever and a day. These kinds of things run an established cycle and the 'rinse and repeat' is indeed well known one. There are no secrets in... 29 Jan 2024

By The Shore of Our Dreams

Where is it that we find ourselves when our eyes abruptly disturb the slumber with which we have embraced and endured ourselves with throughout the ages of Man. When the clock strikes twelve are we able to divine meaning or is it just another... 23 May 2020

Life Pursuits

There was a time when all that was required of one was to remain as they are. Not as they were but as they are. In these times of uproar, disturbance and an itch reminiscent of poison ivy what we are has taken a back seat to what we... 03 May 2020

Love It Or Leave It

"Gathering Minds" refers to the idea or concept of bringing together interested minds in a common purpose. This is, in fact, a low order of purpose simply because the reference to "mind" is way down on the totem pole, pretty darn close to the... 08 Jan 2007

They Get Happy

In the interest of science I have donated my thetan, my heart and my soul to those who wish to further that wonderful research line called 'life'. I really have no further use for them, so off they go. I trust that they will be taken care of in... 30 Jun 2004

Walking Away From Walking Away

Looking in the mirror, from the mirror, the endless depths of our potential can be seen. Endlessly, the possibilities fade into our perspective of view. From here, we can see forever. While the attention is down the track of time, here we... 06 May 2003

For An Empty Case, They Will Come

"Case? I don have no stink'in case." A case contains something, whatever that 'something' is. From clothes to mental concepts, it's containment allows for a certain amount of freedom in one's exterior exploration. Why does one need to carry... 08 Aug 2001

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