For An Empty Case, They Will Come

"Case? I don have no stink'in case."

A case contains something, whatever that 'something' is. From clothes to mental concepts, it's containment allows for a certain amount of freedom in one's exterior exploration. Why does one need to carry around baggage in order to see the sights, you might ask. Good question.

Packaging mental concepts nice and neatly, so that they will all fit into their proper place in a case takes skill. Every once in a while you may run across someone who is just so sloppy that their mental concepts are in total disarray with some even hanging out of the case, being dragged and bounced here and there into other people's space. On the opposite extreme, there are those who go to extraordinary lengths in order to categorize, tag, and clearly mark each and every piece of mental mass that they carry with them. We wouldn't want to misplace any one of our darlings, would we?

Sometimes, you see travelers who travel light, and come and go in a blink of an eye. It's a wonder that they survive at all, in this harsh, extreme environment. How does one survive without the bare necessities? And then, there are those who take forever as they unload all of their baggage before they, themselves, arrive. It is like an announcement of importance. The number of cases needed to contain mental concepts equates to the elevation of importance. I guess one way of handling an enormous amount of one's mental constructs is to announce that it is a good thing to have, and very desirous as well!

Sometimes, if you are very, very, lucky, you may run across someone whose case is completely empty, and missing as well. There just won't be anything there. These kinds of people are actually very easy to spot, not only by direct observation, but by observing other people's reactions to them as well. Most likely, what you will see is avoidance. People tend to shun them and look askew at them with uncertainty. People always recognize the real from the illusion and when faced with reality they tend to run away. Very fast.

It's really very easy to find or create a case in which to store your personal possessions. From the flimsy to the indestructible, there are plenty to choose from. From small to humongous, there is a size just right for everyone. Sometimes, you can even get one with a few mental concepts preinstalled. I bet that if you asked, you can add-on almost any accessory that you ever needed and wanted in a case. From self propelling to automatic loading and unloading, you may find just the right customization for you.

There have been times when someone, through neglect, has actually lost their case during their travels. When purchasing a case make sure that you get the additional insurance that guarantees a safe return for all lost items. If you think that you are free of them, just wait a little while, there are bound to show up, and are usually well cared for during their absence. There is a saying: "For an empty case, they will come." Indeed they do.

There is a little known secret in this universe. Hardly anyone knows about it and they certainly don't advertise it. The little known fact is that cases are completely superfluous. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for the necessity of a case, except one. It's called the sales pitch. Most people buy into it, very few do not.

There used to be a saying that went something like this: "Come as you are, there's no use in pretending to be something you are not."

Underneath all those mental concepts, ideas and wild opinions, there lies something, completely naked and free. Perhaps the next time that you reach into your case for a change of clothes, you may stop, just for a moment, and say to yourself: "What am I doing?".

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