Dead Men Tell No Tales

There are always classifications being made to distinguish one creation from another. These creation classifications can take the form of calling something 'beautiful', 'evil', or even 'dead'. The classification of 'dead' versus 'alive' beings is one that has been made for all time, or so it seems. There always seems to be a few handy 'dead' beings that the living can point at to remind themselves that indeed, they are very much alive. Relatively, both are 'dead'.

Assumption of viewpoints creates the world we see. The next order of business is to categorize, quantify and classify everything possible in our journey to the ends of the universe. We wouldn't want to leave anything out would we? On the chance of there being incomplete data, we search and search some more, until we can assure ourselves that we have searched out all there is to search and revealed all there is to reveal. Good thing viewpoints don't change.

Or do they?

A 'dead' being could be classified has having particular characteristics. These demonstrative viewpoints of the dead can be expressed by creating narrow, or tunnel vision. Seeing within the scope of our self made parameters always becomes narrower and narrower as additional classifications and categorizations are made. Eventually, we end up ruling out the entire universe as being worthy of our search. The way in is the way in.

'Living' beings seem to partially reject the notion of classification. What they do to remain 'living' is to remain detached to the idea of narrowing the scope of life. Letting other's creations remain and exist as a creation unto themselves removes oneself from the classification game, to some extent. For the 'living', over time what narrows is the appearance of additional 'living' beings. They seem to dwindle in number as time passes. Interesting.

There is a third classification of beings that sometimes seems to get overlooked. This third classification of beings are those who walk with both the living and the dead and the way that they are able to do that seems to come from two different methods. One of the methods is to travel the 'dead' path and reach it's fruition. The second method is to follow the 'living' path and reach it's fruition. It doesn't matter which way you go to get there because you will eventually get there anyway and that is the key word in classifications: eventually.

Eventually anything and everything is possible. Don't get stuck on a win. During your classification quest, be sure to stop patting yourself on the back for the fine job you are doing long enough to continue on with your quest. Stopping along the road to see the pretty flowers is what got you here. Maybe you could stop looking for just a little while, maybe just enough to remember that you are a viewpoint on a quest and that your road stretches out before you.

There is only one being in this universe that is living. All others appear 'dead' by comparison. The reality of 'you' cannot be denied, why try pretend otherwise?

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