Can You Feel It?

In reality, there exits times and places in which we may demonstrate ourselves and come to know of the things which we yearn for. Emptiness cannot be denied and so the quest for fulfillment survives in all of it's glory, ever seeking and expanding the boundaries of our imagination. 'Out there' lies the future, and as we toil and work the fields of phyiscality, we embrace the demonstration that we recognize as ourselves. We see, and so we see ourselves in everything and everyone around us. Nothing misses the chance of demonstrating some facet of ourselves; some overt, or covert reminiscent aspect that continually seems to escape our full attention. The future lies 'out there', just beyond the edges of our periphery and within the narrow confines of our intention, we totally miss the larger picture. But what is the larger picture?

Imagination, when it unfolds, encompasses more and more space. The edges of the known universe cannot contain it nor will the adventure end with it's demarcation. It grows and grows as the imagination grows. Conceptualizing endless time, we still desire more room in which to maneuver. The larger picture requires the elimination of expansion.

When time no longer takes hold of us, the larger picture begins to draw near. As our fears become conquered, one by one, the large picture provides brief flashes of insight and clarity. As we begin to escape the bounds of our own choosing, the large picture slowly begins to take shape and form and provides the sustenance in which the future becomes possible. All things become possible when the impossible is neither realized nor desired.

Awakening oneself to our own inner expression reveals the majesty of everlasting selfishness. Can there ever be room for others? Do others even exist, and if they did, of what good use could they possibly be? Granting of beingness is not giving away the rightness of your noble self. Granting of beingness is allowing the expression that is 'out there' to demonstrate itself to you in the way that it desires. Believe it or not, you are taught each and every day, but when the walk of sleep is still embraced, what room is there for others? The totality of oneself is ever consuming and sooner or later burns up with desire. What then, is left?

What is left are the teachings which you have already allowed to pass unnoticed, unrecognized and unfulfilled. What will the future hold for you then, when all that should have been learned has been turned aside in favor of selfish greed.

Luckily, the day is born anew each and every day. Why not count the days instead of lifetimes? Why not count the minutes, or even the seconds instead of future, or past, computations. The moment is here, now. Can you feel it?

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