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Waging An Honorable War

There is no ‘honor’ in war. There is no ‘honor’ is disparaging conversations where the listener becomes the oppressed. Plowing the fields with negative intent destroys not only ‘society’ but ‘human’ nature. There is no way out so why the hurry… 16 Jan 2022

The 'Power' of Force

Perhaps this is just prevalent in my universe but it seems so many people out and about in this world have great respect for the power of force. When it comes to egotistical arguments, of which there is about nothing else of, force seems to… 19 Apr 2020

What A Momentous Occasion To Celebrate

There is always a time of restitution, of zombie-killing feel-good compensation where we can rejoice in our well earned glee of the excitement of a job well done. But what is it that has been accomplished and where do we draw the line of feeling… 06 Aug 2012

Belief and Beingness

What is this thing called ‘religion’? What is one’s sense of it? It seems that it all starts with belief - a yearning for something to stick to in order to come up with a sure-fire way to fool ourselves as to having a firm foundation… 12 Jun 2012

Break Dancing (Part II)

For those who have embarked upon the journey of being the last one out in order to turn off the lights, the desire for job satisfaction runs through the roof. Not to be the one who turns off the lights but to be the one who carries forward… 01 Feb 2012

Grazing On The Fields of Play

Boundaries by their very nature require limitation and lack. Of necessity action dictates movement across the plains and fields of time. From one square to another the mobility of noble kings and queens stake and lay claim to territory already… 03 Jan 2011

The Code of Honor : No. 6

Today I would like to address number six of the Code of Honor. .. 14 Sep 2010

Observing The Obvious

Sitting back and observing the obvious from an unattached perspective is called, in some circles, obnosis. One cannot detach from illusion unless one recognizes that there is an illusion in the first place. This is part of _observing the… 09 Sep 2010

Freedom Rings True

Listening to our Hearts we stand in silence - deaf, dumb and blind. Blinded by our own beingness we take flight and in fancy delight we gleefully take experience to another level, another state of beingness. Up where the clouds fly by our… 07 Sep 2010

Watching The Natives Get A Suntan

Of the rise and fall, the victimization of the ruling elite; is there any wonder that these too fall prey to those of greater self-esteem? The ladder does indeed rise above, way above the heads of commoners and elitists alike. Is there such a… 08 Apr 2009

Forgetting The Way

Mankind has been embodied for quite some time now. To be more precise, Mankind has been embodied for a very, very long time now. I suppose that some games are more interesting to play than others but in order to get to the bottom line one must… 29 Jan 2009

Immersed In Thought

Our nature provides for any and all things. In creating life we become life. In creating experience we become the experience and supposedly ‘learn’ from such. The truth is that no such learning occurs. How can we learn from that which we… 20 Jan 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

Here is where I am, demonstrating life in existence rooted in an immortal and unchangeable basis which defies the mind’s attribution of objectivity. Where no object occurs what then becomes of the usefulness of the simple machinations of… 14 Nov 2008

The Octopus Of Our Dreams

“Oh Charlotte, what a tangled web you weave.” Dreaming is that thing we do each and every day as we arise from our fit-full slumber and look forward to the day’s activities, the day’s experiential delights. Cotton candy never looked so good!.. 17 Oct 2008

Brushing Against Reality: Choose Wisely

Brushing against reality we tend to look for those things which will make us feel most comfortable in our shakeable and shaken world of unknown. Wandering amongst our desires, we seek refuge and in so doing we endeavor to fall flat on our face… 15 May 2007

The Center Of Beingness

Out of the center, all things come. Come what may all that we can do is simply to relax into it’s fruition and come to be that which we already are. Despite the fact of our own unique brand of foolishness, nothing can change who or what we… 05 Mar 2007

Journey Far And Wide

Stretching across the known and unknown universe, the journeying of the thing we call ‘us’ or ‘I’ is a long one indeed. Here, the mapping out of our ‘fall’ from Grace is described and foretold. From out of the center all things come to be,… 22 Jan 2007

The Force Of Mind

Power lies in the ability to “do” things, to have things “get done”. The more power one has the more that things will come to fruition the way one desires. We all control our destiny do we not, and in so controlling we bring to bear the power of… 02 Jan 2007

Following The String Back Home

Looking across the vast expanse of humanity it becomes quite readily perceived that something is amiss. In the complex and convoluted process of determination we eventually reach the point of no return. Either we submit to our mind’s… 02 Jan 2007

Falling From Grace

This is a conceptual roadmap plotting the Fall from Grace. The sense of awareness in itself creates and defines a separation from our selves, our own true nature. This is, of course, an untruth as we cannot be separate and apart from our… 06 Dec 2006

The Creation Of Beingness

Out of the movement of our selves there comes to be ‘created’ beingness and this beingness is where we come to call home, the center of universe. This is indeed where all is viewed from and becomes characterized over time and space into having… 06 Oct 2006

Telepathy: Is It The Next Big Thing?

Since we are here because of our spiritual interests we are able to look at and perceive a number of things in various ways. Since we are neither ‘stuck’ in a viewpoint nor have a rigid and rote methodology to employ, we are completely free and… 19 Sep 2005

Thetan, Beingness And Spiritual Freedom

This comes from the ‘official’ organization’s definition which can be found at: http://www.scientology.org/gloss.htm thetan: the person himself-not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind, or anything else; that which is… 09 Sep 2005

In A Neat And Tidy Package

Stuff. We seem to have an endless supply of it, ever consuming our attention, our thoughts and our energy. Everywhere we look we find it and many times, it seems to find us despite our best efforts to avoid it. Waking up to our spiritual nature… 06 Sep 2005

Home Is Where The Heart Is

If home is where the Heart is, then what can be said about the turmoil in which we seem to relish with vim and vigor. Yes, turmoil IS a great part of our day and it is within that turmoil that we reach out, looking for a Heart in which to reside. 22 Dec 2003

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