Belief and Beingness

What is this thing called 'religion'? What is one's sense of it?

It seems that it all starts with belief - a yearning for something to stick to in order to come up with a sure-fire way to fool ourselves as to having a firm foundation upon which to build our hopes and dreams. You know - a sense of belonging so that our comfort level rises enough whereby we can gain enough self- confidence to let out cups runneth over and out upon everyone else's. Yes, we do come to thing that we are the gleam in God's eye. Even though that is true, we make the mistake thinking that it is we who are on the pedestal.

Yes, we are the best that we can offer and therefore all of Mankind should acquiesce. Since our individuality allows us the room to wiggle this way and that we can think what we like and more especially - do what we wish.

If only it were so.

This thing called 'individuality' is nothing more than just another feather in one's cap at gaining ground. In becoming so separated we yearn and learn to climb the ladder of success in order to be the one. You know - survival of the fittest and all that.


Compassion requires one to know and understand what another knows and understands. Where is the individuality in that?

In loving another we yearn to give to another so as to become full-filled. Where is the individuality in that?

There are signs along the way but I would say that there are signs everywhere, letting us know that in separation our personal identity strengthens and yet in wholeness our beingness finds completion.

I am going to leaves this here for now.

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