It's Better Than TV

There are Creators and there are Creations

Let’s see - if Creators create then which comes first, the chicken or the egg. Where did these so-called creators come from? Existence allows the definitions of creations to express themselves and in such expression find purpose and plan. That is all well and good but it still doesn’t resolve the age-old question of “Where did we come from?”.

If we look at the god-concept as being irrelevant what then is the answer to the origin of that which is defined as creators? We all come to be do we not? We are and it is pretty obvious, or at least should be that one has existence and therefore one is. So how did this come to be? From where did the creators come from? Out of what substance did it arise?

If one plays the game that ‘creators’ just are then that would be like saying “Never mind that, just accept what you are told.” One must accept the basic principal upon which all else is derived as being sacrosanct.

One can play and enjoy a tremendous amount of word-play but in the end it all comes back to the same thing - supposition.

The fact of the matter is that there exists something which can be found above and beyond the thinking or ‘knowing’ process.

You were there so what’s the problem?

You experienced the phenomenon so why the pretension otherwise?

Sometimes I just don’t get it. Why do some so enjoy the moment of ignorance that it becomes better to embrace the insanity of personal conviction than it is to acknowledge the experience of truth.

It’s not that the truth will set you free, it’s more a matter of personal issues being worked out upon the field of play called ‘here and now’. When one convinces one’s self of anything, it becomes real. That is not creation but self-deception.

If one thinks that the body is regulated by a duality of beings in partnership I would ask: “So, how is that working out for you?”

We can live our lives in any fashion, in any way we so choose. This does not make it a true and honorable way of life, it just makes it into something other than what it actually is. The sense of personality is quite strong especially in light of the fact that we are sold a bill of goods describing us as being ‘unique’ or ‘individual’. In this separation all sorts of travesties occur and the pain of suffering is keenly made aware of. It’s a good parlor trick but has nothing to do with anything other than sleight of hand while the Magician conjures up something else to distract the perception of truth away from it’s prize.

Welcome to the world of distraction where all sorts of tricks and traps are designed and engineered to taste as the sweetest honey in order to get past the bull-shit detector. Like any good hawker would say: “But wait - there’s more!”

The only ‘more’ you will find are the answers to questions one would not even contemplate to ask as insanity belongs on the other side of the fence.

I am going to say it plain. One cannot solve a problem from the same perspective which created it. The purpose of creating a problem is to have it. Finding a ‘solution’ is about as far from redemption as one could imagine. And that is the point.

Running on the Hamster Wheel of Life and Living not only takes up space but time and energy as well.

I’d rather not be the Energizer Bunny, feeding a device ancient and decrepit, forever and forever, amen.

It’s neither religion nor Man’s proclivity for fraud which captures my attention, rather the strange bed-fellows it attracts and the tale which comes to be told.

It’s better than TV, I can tell you that.

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