Links of Discernment

The internet is such a wonderful place to lose one’s self in. There is a plethora of profit-driven enterprises along with the ever present empty hand extended in expectation. These pointers of existence demonstrate the large and very noticeable lack of inner intelligence and more importantly, wisdom. It’s not that these guiding lights have ceased in their existence, it’s just that we have turned a deaf ear to them. Of course the deaf ear is the result of tuning into all the noise and chatter thereby deadening ourselves to our selves.

Among the shoals and shallows of life and living perhaps there is something more than just a refuge, a place of momentary peace and quiet where we find that our own inner compass is allowed to come to the fore. Where noise ends, peace reigns.

Perhaps the following links will help to spur your own private efforts to reach the pinnacle of your own nature, to leave the superfluous to the superfluous and embrace the wisdom that you are.

Do No Harm

The simple pleasures in life reap their own rewards.


Out of millions of web sites on the internet, here there is but one. If more show up they will be included. Until then, never compromise your own reality.

Links of Common Interest

Here is where common interest websites will be listed. There really are not that many websites which promote awareness in other than a self-centric presentation, but they do exist. The contents of any site listed here may or may not be apparently associated with anything in particular, but that should not stop the obvious from becoming known. Awareness is like that - it’s always there but sometimes it takes different forms in order to make it’s self known.

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