Reach And Withdraw

Over the course of time it has become quite apparent that this website has followed the tried and true process of reach and withdraw. But that is in appearance only as there is no reach and withdraw going on. There is only "going on" that is going on. Does that make sense?

If this appears to you as being a tongue twisting ride into obscurity well then, perhaps it would be better to study up on the ways and means of awareness because that is what it is about. In awareness, when action takes place, there is not a process whereby thought is examined, tested and thoroughly research in order use and abuse it to no end. That my friend, is the way of depravity, of looking down at the dwindling spiral and leaping into it with glee. No one in their right mind would contemplate such a thing but in reality this right mind is not a common trait shared among the cattle in the stock yard of illusion.

Among the storied telling of the various entities who have chosen to be pieces in the attempted decimation of the Free Zone there really isn't much to behold. Awareness, left to it's own devices, is not something easily understood by the conscious mind. In it's brute force of attack, a twisted mind comes to be quite limited in it's depth and breath. When awareness becomes a mind and nothing else, all will seems at odds. It will be a struggle and a fight to realize the goals and dreams of what it, itself, has imagined for itself. Awareness has no such constructs.

The process of expanding awareness is simply the process of awareness relinquishing it's fear-full hold of the mind and coming to the realization that Freedom does not exist through the experiential delight of beingness.

Free Zone America has no beingness and therefore there is no compulsion to sustain any sort of implied appearance. Beingness is inferior to awareness, to that which is aware of awareness. In this sphere of influence, knowledge takes a back seat.

Knowing how to know is something more than what one does to full-fill a dream - it's realizing that the act of seeing limitation makes it already too late on the chain.

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