Paradise Lost, Paradise Gained

I find it strange how some people tend to lose themselves in their own endeavors. In fact, it is much, much more than just some, or a few, people. My foundation in Scientology principals remains the same as it has always remained, While it is true that I can look upon other philosophies and/or religions and find affinity there remains that basic root upon which all are based. It is this, the most very basic root of one's nature that is quite appealing to me.

Scientology does not rule over my actions. Neither does it provide the means for how I live. Looking for external rules of the road does little but to provide a crutch for the weak, for the destitute. I am neither.

In the years of looking after the website Free Zone America there can be seen very little, if any, effect upon others who take to heart the message behind the medium. It's funny how those who already know the message have no use in going to that website and those who could most greatly benefit from that message avoid it like the plague. Most people on this planet have no interest what-so-ever in anything other than their own self-enrichment. What is in it for me.

Well, forgive me for being the bearer of bad news. There is nothing in it for you here.

And so most people just simply turn away. Ignoring their inner drive of self awakening, these types of people would much rather do something, anything other than what they should be doing. They would rather do something 'important' such as go off and offer 'auditing' services to others for a just and true cash allotment. Playing the game of enslavement is a game that is rampant among the populace and like the dis-ease it is, death is certain. Not just body death, but of the spirit as well.

Who cares about the so-called 'mystery' of between lives other than those who have something to lose, something of perceived value which they would rather not let go. Clutching their hopes and dreams of conquest the Universe comes to be a hard lesson to learn.

The Free Zone America website has been used to show you something. This message behind the content has been there since first going online. Now, at this time, there is little reason for it to remain in light of the fact of "Who cares.". Yes, who cares.

I do not solicit attention, praise or pursue any other means of egotistical recognition. A pat on the back is not my cup of tea. Perhaps now is the time to pull back that which has been offered. It is not really a pulling back but of shifting the attention elsewhere.

And so, the attention shifts.

Best wishes in all of your endeavors. In the time ahead you will certainly need much more than just best wishes, you will need demonstrable courage to face the onslaught. The funny thing about population control is that nature across the dynamics tends to take care of itself - as it sees fit. That takes your own ideas of what should be or will be completely out of the picture.

The tide will continue to rise and fall. I just wanted to give you a chance to jump aboard before there will be no more jumping at all. That time has now passed.

While on the island of destruction do what the natives do - ignore your own nature at your own peril. While misery does love company so do the maggots who perform a very valuable service.

Fodder for food.

When the purpose of life becomes death and destruction surely a new beginning is at hand. What better place to have one's attention than a paradise to which no man may travel.

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