The End-All Of Be-All

My resignation has been tendered effective immediately, all associations have been dissolved and all agreements henceforth concluded. There can no longer be claimed any sort of relationship with any type of association, etc. The Galactic Patrol, Free Zone, Grand Council and all other such devices are now left up to their own. As of this moment there are no ties that bind with but one notable exception.

Perhaps this can be considered as the moving on from one very obvious and over-played game to a much more interesting one.

Best wishes to all.

This website will still be around and my contributions to it will remain unchanged.

The future is not where it is at.

See: Status Report: 14 Jul 2008

17 Oct 2008

An Additional Note

For those who are looking for Free Zone America material a good part of that can still be found by cruising the above navigation menus.

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