The Scientological Infestation of Thought

It's true, the subject of Scientology had my interest and in some ways still does. But perhaps not in the way you may think.

I spent a few years in the organization, even signing the zany Billion Year Contract. At the end of it all I can say this about the subject:

  1. The organization is evil-purposed. Administratively it can all be chucked out the window.
  2. The so-called 'religious philosophy' can be considered to be either twisted beyond repair or at the very least out-right demented.

From my own background I can deduce that the amount of true and correct philosophy employed by the "evil genius'" is worthy of note but unfortunately it is wrapped up in a cloak of darkness too wicked to be enveloped. Therefore I would throw out the baby with the bath water. One cannot survive the tempest unscathed - but perhaps one can survive in spite of it.

There are a number of items which are true and correct but which the organization twists and turns into something far different. Depending upon the truth of these items to reel the fish in, the organization survives by living off the dead carcasses of those who are dead. In turning a blind eye to awareness and giving up one's freedom by placing 'choice' upon the doorstep of the laboratory of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde what else could one possibly expect other than science gone bad. In using the subject's 'free will' all sorts of devious tricks and traps are employed and in the end the price of it all becomes unbearable.

But never mind that as that is not what this is about.

What does it mean to 'expand' one's awareness?

If awareness is the expression of attention placed along lines of perception then it becomes very easy to see that in limitation we find lack. And so it is.

In order to 'move out' away from this limitation our perception must pull up stakes and move. As attention is perception we must unfixate and move it from one place to another. Attention can not simply 'expand' without clearly defined boundaries as to where it is going. This is where focus comes in. As one moves and shifts attention there must be a purpose and plan to such and focus is the means of carrying out such. Are you getting confused yet?

Just remember, you are the prime mover and shaker. Without you nothing happens as you are the lightening rod through which your universe comes alive. Your expression is that which emanates from you. How does this happen? No one knows or will ever know.

Your expression can be considered to be your attention because in this physical universe nothing can happen without an interaction of particles. These particles are you, in action. Perhaps it might be best to see it as your attention particles. Where they go you are. Do you have willful control of these particles? You do - to some degree. The key word here is 'willful' as in relating to the intellect which is another story.

As these attention particles are created and uncreated by you and you alone you are the sole master of all the you purvey. What you 'see' is all you baby. I know that sounds pretty whacked but believe me, it's true. If you don't believe me then try changing your perception, even for just a moment, from being to not-being. That would do the trick - and if you find that difficult then perhaps you will begin to understand what I mean when I say that you are what you see.

When one is focused upon being no matter the time nor effort expended 'thinking' it to be otherwise is simply a waste of time. You can't get there from 'here'.

And that is the purpose of which all the material on this website is about - to break the mind's fixation upon it's interpretation, as defined by you, as to what 'here' is. This moment in time is not what you think it is and never was. Resolving this small inconsequential point will help to settle this matter and a few others as well.

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