Thought Transference

The tides of time weave shapes and colors of all sorts of designs and yet alone at the end of it all the potential remains yet unfulfilled. That very same potential endures in completeness none the worse for wear and tear. It really doesn't matter the outpouring of energy as it's expression is just that. The garden hose provides a seemingly endless supply but does it actually reach it's end? Just because potential ebbs and flows it itself remains steadfast so the question becomes - what is it that makes it appear to ebb and flow? Since there is no such thing as a prime mover there can only be appearance and it is this appearance which captures the imagination of Man.

Reality can be purchased in many shapes, sizes and colors and through the medium of exchange one lives a life of experience capturing the thrilling excitement of emotional bondage. At the end of the day, on the day of accounting, the scale of justice is brought to bear and through our own adjudication we rest our case letting ourselves out the door to again fall into the battle of life and living. As potential unfolds and weaves the thread of life and living we endlessly endure ourselves. So what then is the point?

Can we come face to face with ourselves in order to see the light of day? Can imagination endear us to break the bonds of our own making? How does one set one's self free from one's own entrapment? Perhaps when we begin to tire of our own shenanigans do we let the chips fall where they may. Everyone is entitled to their opinion are they not, and as we begin to realize that opinions are nothing but conclusive thinking we tend to look elsewhere for our entertainment. Yes, we do begin to look elsewhere for entertainment and this is typically how thought is used to move beyond itself in transgression. Killing the Beast will do nothing when we can't even see the windmill.

We all hear about opening people's eyes to one thing or another and yet the very same voice little concern about their own. How does one judge another without the self-inflicted pain of ignorance being brought to bear? The blind cannot see and in so pointing out that most obvious of fact the viewer blinds themselves to that which lies well above and beyond 'science'. Science is nothing but the arena of substantiated imagination and so when Man proclaims ignorance what is it that is really being exclaimed? When holes appear in the fabric of thought the typical solution brought to bear is to allow existing thought to extrapolate the thread to sew it all back together again. Upon successful completion it can be proclaimed that reality is continuous and complete. Case closed.

In the closure of the door to constant awareness we tend to find that the comfort and safety of our little corner of the universe to be completely acceptable. Why change what we find to be suitable to our sense of self? In so becoming we find being and as the ocean expresses itself as a flowing upon the sands of time we live life until that eventual moment when the tide turns and the sands give up the life previously bestowed. The ebb and flow of potential sets and leaves no footprints so what then becomes the purpose of finding home? In tracking the false images of thought it can be made to appear that one is making progress but in fact just because one looks in the mirror and sees one's self doesn't mean that one is enlightened to any degree. That which is seen is that which we see. Making up a good story to go along with it is just another tale being told in a world full of tales.

So if one can't get there from here what is left?

All that we can do is to follow the rhythms of time, following the scent well laid out for us to follow otherwise we run the risk of following ourselves into the deepest darkest holes we could ever possibly fall into. Frantically scurrying from either light to dark or dark to light and back again, allows the wheel of time to express itself but in the end what is really being accomplished other to chase one's tail. Just because we are the expression of that which is doesn't mean anything other than what it is.

And that is the problem of being - that is the consequence.

I'd rather not chase my tail around every corner of the Universe through every hill and dale of dimension to find that out. In coming to rest we are at rest.

But you already know that.

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