Field of Play



  1. make (someone) a slave.
  2. cause (someone) to lose their freedom of choice or action.

This is such an interesting term that is thrown about typically by those who are part and parcel of it, either on one side of the fence or the other, but what does it really mean? Who or what is an enslaver and what are the effects of such? How is an enslaver created and to what end? So many questions and so little time....

What is an Enslaver?

In order to cloak one's self with 'blind' ambition there is a requirement which comes into play that says that in order to rule one must gather together willing subjects. There can be no King without subjects and a playing field. This brings up a very important point of enslavers.

There must be a playing field populated with 'pieces'.

A 'piece' is simply another name for a 'subject' or one who willingly plays a subservient role to those who are perceived as being 'greater' than themselves. This 'perception' is a very important part of the game not only for the 'piece' but for those of a graduated status ultimately ending in 'Enslaver'.

We can now say that an Enslaver is one who acquires pieces and players to fulfill their game play.

This brings us to the fact that in order to play another's game one must willingly choose to play. This is paramount. One cannot join in any festivities without purposefully doing so. Blaming someone else for the consequence of one's own actions is simply another way of prolonging one's participation. Do you see the importance of this?

It can be said that there are those who enslave and those who free others. It really doesn't matter which because in choosing one side or the other one's perspective changes to accommodate it and the rest is - well, history. Both sides of the coin request your attendance and so just because you attend and fulfill your role doesn't mean that you are absolved of all responsibility of joining in the first place. No my friend, you will see it through. That is not my take on it but yours.

There is no difference between 'free' and 'bound'. That all lies in your own reality which you have created. Want to experience what it is like to be restricted? Join the the 'bound' side. What to experience what it is like to be 'free', join the other side. One can only experience in duality. And in so creating and chaffing at the enslavement of Mankind one seeks freedom. This is a tried and true movie script - they all are.

Running around playing one's part in the 'Enslavement' game, I am sure, is quite rewarding and at the end of it all where will one find one's self? The answer is - right where you started. Upon completion of all games the perspective comes off and one is left with nothing. For some the lesson is understood and for others it just isn't 'good enough' in which case another game of chance comes to the fore. Game after game - win, lose or draw. Has anything really been accomplished?

We do make the Universe in our image but what happens when an image is no longer required? What happens when the compulsion to play games ceases? What happens when we begin to understand the mechanics involved?

There are a few rules of the road which I always impart. Among them is the following:

  1. Never play someone else's game unless it is to your own benefit.

Most will assume that 'to your own benefit' implies selfish game-play but this is not the case. Using another's game in order to bring about change is to you own benefit. So-called 'winning' is not on the menu and never will be. One does not play to 'win' in another's game because it is impossible to do so. Don't believe me? Try it and see - and don't just look at the immediate consequence, look at the long term consequence. Each and every case will reveal that those who create games are compelled to win - no matter what. This is why one does not play another's game.


Let's take a look at planet Earth and it's 'field of play'.

All inhabitants have been positioned to be slaves of the state. For distraction from this woe-full tale sports, fast-food, entertainment and electronic gizmos of all kinds are provided. Surely the slave will be so busy with staying alive that the realization of being a slave is something that will never be considered.

And it is not.

12 Apr 2012

The End

There was probably more that I was going to add to this article but it hasn't happened yet so here is what there is so far.

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