FZA: Status Quo

The web site Free Zone America has been put into suspended animation. Well, maybe not so much 'suspended' but more of a tipping one's hat and saying adieu. The web site was great fun in many ways and I had the great pleasure of communicating with an enormous amount of people both big and small. In the Scientology realm there is a consideration perpetuated of the existence of 'big' and 'small' beings. I don't really share that view as I consider all beings of great depth and breath, so when I refer to 'big and small' it is more of a tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

Scientology as far as I am concerned contains a great wealth of information and ways of looking at things. Granted there are even a greater number of people who quite enjoy being wrapped in the administrative aspects of the philosophical religion. By that I mean the enormous amount of people who take great pleasure in placing the blame for their own considerations and experiences upon the religion itself completely ignoring the fact of their own drive to bring that about. It's not the religion, stupid.

All religions share a common concept and that concept involves rearranging one's own perspectives, of getting people out of their heads and into an alternative way of living life. Yes, a way of life. If one's outlook is simply contained in thoughts spiraling around in one's noggin then nothing of note will ever occur other than a whole lot of unpleasant experiences. But don't take my word for it.

I sometimes still get communications from various characters who insist that my reliance upon the cult of Scientology is nothing less than insanity. These issues of great distress are never acknowledged since I wouldn't want to fan the flames of delusion even further. Sometimes the best action is no action at all especially in light of the fact that I have no agenda to impress upon anyone nor do I have the desire to gather the flock of a like-minded mentality. Sheep to slaughter and all that.

Reflecting back upon my Free Zone America experience which included a re-entry into the Scientology circuit, I came away with a much deeper sense of foundational beliefs. No, 'beliefs' is not the right word since the foundation of my being does not rest upon beliefs of any kind. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that in coming closer to the mind of Man I wept. Not for my own state of affairs but for the affairs of Man.

It is not a pretty sight to be caught in one's own considerations as if reality exists solely for it's maker. The embrace of torment is not something I would wish upon anyone. With little to offer and much to acquire the world of Scientological fanatics is indeed stark, raving mad.

And so a time of peace is required.

Since the time honored process of enduring peace displays itself in the collapse of civilization it becomes a fool's paradise. Peace is never endured but can be realized - fully realized. All it takes is a little less consideration.

So that's the Free Zone America story, for now. I really don't expect anything to come of the website but since I do not engage in self-serving reflection that's about all I can say of it. But there is one last thing and this has to do with the Scientology dynamics.

If the Eighth Dynamic is infinity how does one propose the existence of more?

It's funny to watch the mind of Man come up with such a plethora of answers to such a simple question.

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