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Thoughts of Grandeur

Way back in the day when I did the fza.org thingy I met and befriended Mike and Virginia. It was my good fortune to be able to do so and over the years that friendship has never wavered. Even in the face of concerted efforts by others the basis… 21 Aug 2017

Good-Bye Cruel World aka The Death of FZA.ORG

.. 22 Sep 2014

Harmonic Communication

This one is really out there so please don’t make a big deal about it because it is meant to be that way. Years ago when a merry band of Hubbardites came to my apartment in Mountain View, California to recruit me for the Sea Org (I think it… 29 Sep 2013

FZA: Conclusion

I do believe that it is time for the dearly departed to, for the love of god, depart. I am really happy to do so because that website is like a dead weight being dragged along on the floor. Therefore, the domain name will be pointing… 09 Sep 2013

FZA: Status Quo

The web site Free Zone America has been put into suspended animation. Well, maybe not so much ‘suspended’ but more of a tipping one’s hat and saying adieu. The web site was great fun in many ways and I had the great pleasure of communicating… 17 Oct 2008

Why Is This Website Here?

[Ed: Regarding fza.org] A ‘why’ is always a good place to start. As a matter of fact all decisions come down to that - a why. Why did the church abrogate Ron’s Scientology? Why did Ron’s Org abrogate Ron’s Scientology? Why did the… 04 Sep 2008


It’s been made known that this website is neither a delivery center nor a propaganda tool for self-serving interests. There is nothing to buy here and commerce is looked upon with disinterest. In this capitalistic day and age it seems that… 15 Feb 2008

Philosophical Conjuring

It is recognized that a lot of visitors who come here arrive through various links and such on the Internet via the Free Zone America (fza.org) domain name. Currently that domain is being redirected to the Other Times, Other Places section… 05 Mar 2007

Expanded: Contact With Free Zone

From FZA: Some Q & A’s: .. 12 Sep 2006

FZA: Some Q & A's

This page provides general information in the format of Questions and Answers or FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions.Q: What happened to the fza.org domain name?.. 08 Sep 2006

Contacting FZA

If you have a question or comment which you would like to share, please use the appropriate Guest Book which can be found in the various areas of FZA. No contact is possible at this time. FZA is not in the business of buying or selling… 10 Jul 2006


All material on this website builds upon a foundational structure which is called Spiritual Freedom. This is not a freedom in idea or thought, but a moving toward the actual reality in which our characteristics take form and shape. Hence you… 19 Dec 2005

Welcome To Free Zone America

There are two very important Codes to keep in mind:.. 14 Nov 2005

Acceptable Use

By accessing this web site and the information contained within, through any and all means, you acknowledge and agree to the following: -You voluntarily support and fully agree with the intents and purposes of Free Zone America and of the Free… 25 Oct 2005

Cancellation Of Accounts

All accounts with the exception of a very few have been cancelled. Serious communication can never take place in an atmosphere where the mind is allowed to reign supreme, therefore all communication avenues for visitors have been terminated. Of… 24 Oct 2005

Free Zone Differentiation

I’d like to clarify the position of FZA in relation to the ‘FreeZone’. FZA has nothing what-so-ever to do with those who wish to play “capture the flag” and so the difference is distinctly made when referencing the ‘FreeZone’. The ‘FreeZone’,… 07 Sep 2005

Taking A Step Back

I’ve been reviewing and sorting a fair amount of communication that I’ve accumulated over the years and in taking a step backward to get a better overall view of exactly where things have come and just as important, where they are going, reveals… 16 Aug 2005

Freedom Of Expression

I found this quote on rense.com: If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.> Noam Chomsky.. 13 May 2005

Notice To Freezoners

This web site does not adhere to your standard of ideology and is therefore letting you know that your ideological participation is not required at this time. There are other sites on the internet which may be more attuned, and therefore… 29 Apr 2005

A Few Oddz 'n Endz

I’m expecting user registration is to be up and running soon, but I do not guarantee that things will go smoothly. At the moment I do not have a lot of interest in thoroughly testing all the things that should be tested. Sometimes, it’s best… 13 Apr 2005

Me And The Capt'n

Captain Bill Robertson, was the first person to create a public awareness that the Free Zone existed, a fact which we all can be grateful for. CBR also created a number of works on his own that expanded and solidified the upper part of the… 12 Apr 2005

We Do Not Disparage

Nothing here at FZA is meant to persuade or convince anyone of anything so please do not overlay your own thoughts and ideas on top of what you find here. All should be taken at face value and in doing so, if one finds something of value, then… 12 Apr 2005

A Word On Spoilage

The ‘freezone’, as most by now know, is but a gang of roving nomads looking for a home. What they do to themselves has no interest here at FZA, but sometimes the repercussions do need to be pointed out. When one looks for like-mindedness it is… 11 Apr 2005


There are SO many promises made by the various ‘native’ groups on this planet who make promise after promise of a better ‘life’, a more ‘prosperous’ existence, a more ‘powerful’ influence over others. These long lists of propaganda, peddled in a… 11 Apr 2005

Free Zone: A Definition And Explanation

Free Zone America defines the term “Free Zone” as: “A ZONE, or area, where spiritual awareness may be pursued FREE of outside or disruptive forces.”.. 11 Apr 2005

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