All material on this website builds upon a foundational structure which is called Spiritual Freedom. This is not a freedom in idea or thought, but a moving toward the actual reality in which our characteristics take form and shape. Hence you will see at the top of each page the phrase: "Don't look here, the answer already lies within."

The answer already lies within.

But that is not enough for many people so the long answer is the entire scope and depth of this website and related information. This data is made available here so that examination can occur. Perhaps this will lead somewhere or perhaps not; either way what must be said is said and the rest is left behind for perpetuity.

We do indeed create our own method, our own path to the goals we have set before us. In this never-ending pleasure seeking journey we can sometimes forget who and what we really are. To that end, perhaps this website will provide a reminder.

- - -

Please note that there is no organization, no commercial activity, no group, path, ideology, authority figure - anything that is used as a basis for going anywhere or doing anything.

Truth, being established in itself, need not be or become known. It is self-evident, ever present and never changes, even while changing.

- - -

There have been and are a number of very great men who have stood tall far above ordinary man and brought about great spiritual change and at times, great physical change. These individuals are neither ordinary nor extra-ordinary but are something well beyond common thinking and concept. You see, man in his self important and consuming thinking process digs his own grave and creates futures where all people may grow. But this growth as is quite evident to those who can see, is severely limited and fully takes place solely within the reality of man. In this short sighted leap into the future history becomes merely the rotating wheel and the human, the driving force to keep it going.

You cannot get there from here, and so great men take their place among mortals in order to open the door of possibility into a future that does not come from the mind of man and so completely circumvents it. The destination, the path and our firmly held belief structure all come crashing down as we come face to face with a reality that has always and will always exist. It is in this reality that we come to use words such as "Spiritual Freedom" and the like in order to hint at what lies beyond the capacity of mind to see and/or understand.

The giants among men are not always easily visible or even known but the purpose of their being remains. To these great men this website offers salutations.

Who's your Daddy and what does he do?

(A few examples)

...and then there is the master of Illusion. One who encompasses and exemplifies living life to it's fullest where reality comes to mean anything one wishes. The one and only...


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