Sleeping With The Enemy

The enemy is such a nefarious and dastardly fellow, especially when we are not looking. Doing gross deeds of misconduct during the night, we all seem to pay the consequences come morning. As much as we want to try to rid our selves of this unwelcomed plight in our lives, it remains. Perhaps this is so because in secret, we relish the opportunity to allow it's freedom to encompass us all. Willingly, we give up the ghost and leave it all in it's hands to do as it wishes, to bend and mold us as it will. To do otherwise is sure to bring us discomfort, sorrow and pain. And in so doing, we fall prey to our own worst nightmares and pretend that all is well.

All is far, far from well with our capacity to create illusions and alternate realities. In living within these confines we so embolden our pride that we lose ourselves in it's iron-fisted domination. Is there no one who can set us free?

We all create our own monsters of the night and the following morning of despair. Even though we may wish otherwise, reality has a way of making itself known and it is through this impingement we find that our own personal bubble of glory becomes threatened. So we fight back and fight back hard allowing the battle to spill out all over the place. As our personal war overtakes and devours reality, we imagine that our might makes right and so becomes law. In this new personal reality we find comfort, happiness and freedom.

In both methods of madness lies do not become us. We create and live out our days in the reality we most wish for. Opportunity arises each and every moment to escape this wheel of birth and death but few are the takers and many the wanderers into the night of the long lost soul. We have indeed lost our way. But this is nothing new as we come to take refuge in our loss.

Is this the way to release our selves from the iron-fisted rule of conquest? Allowing ourselves to go free comes to be fashionable as we talk the subject into perpetuity and do absolutely nothing. Standing still we watch the depths to which we have fallen and continue. As prisoners of our own making, we allow our flights of fancy to escape all bounds. In setting it free, we become free and so we continue to watch the depths to which we plummet.

Spiritual freedom is not freedom of thought nor freedom of word nor freedom of deed. Spiritual freedom is allowing our selves to be our selves - fully, completely and whole-heartedly. It is not about thinking and it is not about acting. It goes beyond being and reaches into the deepest part of our nature. Spiritual freedom allows us to come face to face with the peace which is self evident in us all and which is our very nature. It allows us to see reality for what it is and recognizes the false for what it is. It sees all as it is and so contains all as it is.

We are both the sleeping giant and the enemy at the gates. Our nature is unlimited, uncontaminated and at rest.

The question becomes; shall you continue to sleep with the enemy as the city burns?

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