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Where does the trail lead and when will the eventually come to fruition? The end of time is but the beginning of eternity where all thoughts come and go in a vast emptiness, devoid of possibilities, circumstance and pomp. There is no end to the endless merry-go-round of life when it comes to thinking it through. It all comes to pass and so catches us unawares on it's return trip come. We come to take the form and shape of our pain and suffering. In that the torment sustains our beliefs, we take no refuge from the storm.

This too shall pass.

30 May 2006 16:24


An Advocate does not become immersed in the subject and the subject does not become the Advocate. In this land of between life takes shape and fullfills it's own destiny. Only the hand of God wields the power change and in that exact moment change becomes nonexistent. We have all lived before.

When we place our selves behind the reflections of life, it takes on it's true appearance and in that appearance it comes to learn just what it is made of. Neither the convoluted words nor the imaginative flights of fancy so lovingly performed by the illiterate will save them. All come to drink the waters of life. It is in this role as proctor does the Advocate perform it's solemnly sworn duty. All life is precious.

Even thought all Men take refuge in themselves, this will never guarantee perpetuity in thought, word nor deed. One may certainly question the validity of such thought forms but beware he who practices such for nothing is sacred in that realm of despair, so well embraced by the Dark. Need Dark exist in contrast or is this too a byproduct of having fallen with grace?

And so, here we are amongst the pain and sufferings of Man, of Men seeking and yearning from the outside in and leaving themselves far, far behind. For those who cannot speak, the Advocate does so. For those who externalize there can be no redemption for how is one to blame the lost and forgotten who known not of themselves and nothing of others?

For those who lack, fullness is freely given.

30 May 2006 16:37

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