Eyes On the Prize

I would like to make the following post just because there is an allowance for it:

Whenever a milestone is reached in the timeline the encompassing events, through various forms, take root both pro and con - in that order. The purpose of contrary purposes is solely to minimize and perhaps completely negate the milestone event. In this rise and fall of intention either the milestone succeeds or it fails. When failure occurs it becomes the sole responsibility of those who allowed that failure to occur. Typically this failure derives from being moved off, or away, from that which is to occur. The form of this deviation takes full advantage of one's own personal conviction of truth. It can be said that to the degree one fails, in this regard, is to the same degree of a lack of conviction. Being easily swayed by taking on the role on a Don Quixote is a sure sign that the milestone is of lessor importance than one's self-righteousness.

If the purpose is to look good, then by all means completely fill one's time with windmill chasing. If, on the other hand, one has a clear understanding of the goal where is the need to seek recompense? For every personal failing that we have there is a 'demon' that is born to exploit it. The Universe does indeed live in balance.

And so it becomes joyful when those who have their eyes on the goal, continue to pursue that goal no matter what. When our own egotistical nature is surmounted, the rest comes easy.

In this, my support stands.

Controversy, real or imagined, is a far cry from knowing our own Heart.1

  1. This article was originally posted to the Eagles Disobey forum. 

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