Looking for a Place to Park

Into the Abyss we dive struggling long and hard for ever deeper waters in which to 'find' ourselves. After all, isn't that what life is all about? Isn't it all about struggling for the ever elusive game called 'happiness'? Strenuously we partake of our efforts in which to reach fruition, If nothing else, we MUST gain our fair share of the happiness which is rightly due us. And so, the depths to which we exert our efforts continuously recede into the depths of despair.

In order to gain happiness surely there must be a better way than to embrace it's opposite.

As we lift our veil of what reality 'should be' sooner or later inevitability sets in. It's really all just a matter of time despite the fact that time is never, ever on our side. Wrenching ourselves free from our own misguided efforts, surely our seeking will reach it's end.

It's not so much that we are looking for answers, than it is that we are avoiding what is right here, right now. Out of the image of ourselves, there can only be one final solution - death. When thought is no more, there is, in fact, much more than just the thought of having no thoughts. Reaching states of existence has plagued mankind since the beginning of time and STILL we are no further ahead.

Isn't it about time that we wake up to that fact and cease our playing with the fire which we continually complain about, as it burns our hands?

Freedom is much more than an imagined state of existence, being, or whatever wording that is currently in vogue. Beyond the glossy newsprint no image is necessary for when death ultimately takes it away all that will be left is that which has been there since day one.

We are already home so why is it that we struggle and strain to get there? It is impossible to go anywhere when that 'there' is 'here'. But as children are wont to do, playing with fire will surely establish it's rewards. And when we do get burnt we are sure to tell everyone about it. Surely sympathy is in order.

But we are not all of like mind. In fact, we are not all of mind in the first place.

Thought, in it's wonderful capacity to present the appearance of solutions to our problems, ever more clouds the issue by not remaining still. As problem after problem is accumulated, is it any wonder when our trophy wall comes to be overfilled with those most prized possessions to which we pay homage - images our ourselves.

Everywhere and everywhen we look, all that we see is ourselves. Going on a blind date takes on new meaning.

When we cease our experiential delight we also cease all experience and come to see that beyond seeing ourselves, there is so very much more to life and living. Without problems of every kind, without pain and suffering wherever we look, without the depths of despair to which we call 'us' all that is left is the Beauty of what is.

Isn't it amazing that that Beauty can move and shift so quickly and easily and yet we never become lost. Unless, of course, there are much more important matters at hand, such as 'me'. There never is any room for more than none for without thoughts, images, concepts or ideas, there is nothing else but nothing. Unfortunately, we tend to want it all and so lose our place.

When looking for a place to park never, ever forget that you already are.

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