Stepping Aside, Our Nature Remains

Thoughts, in their ever present nature, help to define our beingness. Through our thinking process alignment occurs with that which we have deemed to be our demonstrate-able characteristics. Through thoughts we create our reality and live the life we can only dream of. Dreams too, pass before our eyes in their effort of conforming reality to it's wishes. We are able to change the face of the Earth simply through thinking. Thoughts carry us and rule the day.

In this contentious atmosphere how are we to find solitude, peace, tranquility or even a moments rest? How are we to realize our own nature when we overwhelm ourselves with the images which are constantly passed before the mind's eye? Is our lot in life to become the effect of effort because we, ourselves, effort to live? What is one to do to stop the wheel of life from spinning us out of control?

Silence, in all of it's misunderstanding, is not about efforting to create a life worthy of living but is something completely separate and apart from life itself. Profound in it's nature it can hardly be contemplated in our absorption of thought. The tricks we play with our selves simply boggle the mind.

When we come to slow our thinking process down, in so doing we become able to better perceive the process itself. As we look at our selves more deeply, we allow our nature to reveal itself. It is in this seeing that we expend the effort of spiritual freedom. We can look at the mirror of life all we want but until we look at our selves head on we will continue to dance in our spirit of play and wish for greater things to befall us.

Greatness has already befallen us and still we cannot get up. We never will for one cannot recover from the awakening of one's self. It is not that we awaken, it is more like moving away from the dream and closer to reality. Immortality does not change us though we can appear to change our selves.

Whatever the dress, we remain as we are.

If nothing else, remember that the next time anything happens. Whether that happening comes in the form of physical movement, a thought, an experience, a momentary insight or an all knowingness matters not. In all of our expressions, whether inward or outward, we remain as we ever are. In this expansive totality all occurs.

You are the silence and the noise. Whatever you make of it, is. Choice, by it's nature is restricted and bound but we are not. Thought decides and we exist. Falling from Grace we seek redemption and run as fast as we can into the Night.

We are the Fallen, or so we think. We are the Gods, or so we think. We are Totality and Perpetuity, or so we think. We are what we are through the process of thought and never will we find the freedom we seek in or of it.

Stepping aside, our Nature remains.

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