Lights In The Night Skies Part II

Light travels everywhere. From sun blinding heights to the darkest depths, light comes to be seen - and appreciated. Looking up into the heavens one can sometimes catch a glimpse, or two, of events born of time and space interacting with the universe in a macro and microcosm fashion, after a fashion. You see, events in this universe are always of purpose and design whether apparent to earthly observers or not. Mostly, this aspect of life remains cloaked and hidden away by our own ignorance of our place, and everyone else's for that matter, in the universe. Nevertheless, we are not alone and observable events can only be surmised in relation to pre-existing data. Sometimes, completely outside of our own small realm of existence, things happen away and apart from us which come to be clearly unbelievable and therefore ignored. Being unaware requires a so-called 'innocence' of mind but nothing is further from the truth than this. We do indeed exist in the universe and just as surely we chose to blindly traverse those areas we do not wish to see, hoping to reach the safety of our own imagination on the other side of opportunity. It is in this sphere of wonder ( the area of ignorance ) that so much takes place. One can only marvel in it's capacity of infinite variety and awe. Therefore it can be said that the following has joined historical tales of battle between man and man:

As the planet has been under marshal quarantine for some time now it cannot be said that ignorance is the excuse for failure to confirm nor conform to the applicable consequences. Nothing gets in, or out, without proper clearance. Just the same as a sinking ocean-faring ship, the local rodent population come to be psychically connected in the mad rush to reach safe, dry land. In the escape there is no going back - or forward. This becomes the time of cleansing for the middle managers.

This leaves the lower caste to fend for themselves and this also leaves the upper levels in a much more desperate situation. In this desperate plea for assistance large battle group class destroyers come a-calling. Oh, what a surprise! As the feigned position of weakness becomes apparent so too does the debris. Sooner or later we must all go home.

Creating lines of attack in fluid situations is not for the weak of spirit or flesh. Not only does it take great courage to face one's self, but it also takes the same measure to face the consequences of our actions - all of them. There is no great claim to fame in disintegrating man from his possessions.

As one after another great ship of doom becomes doomed it becomes plainly visible to all the results of one's action of self deceit. We are all responsible for our own views let loose upon the universe. Cause becomes effect until the circle comes to be broken.

At one time the grand council (please note capitalization) was called the Council of Elders. Over time this noble body became spoiled by outside influences and in so succumbing became 'grand'. Despite this wayward body achieving great and small victories in many crooks and crannies, it's effluent manner gave itself away. Cause creates effect. Ignoring the rule of rules, circumstance and happenstance become perplexing ideological methods of ignoring reality. But as always, reality has a way of catching up with one's self.

Another interesting melodrama of note is that several open spaces on Mars were attended to by some very interesting randomity construction equipment. It's quite strange to observe the destruction let loose upon the land by the insane. Well, they are either insane or their intelligence was really, really bad. Drawn into battles of no worth many victories become achieved.

There are numerous bases and stations on the various planets in this solar system but the line ended at Saturn. The rest were spared. Sometimes celebration, for even an unknown cause, can be wholesome and well received.

Now that it has become established that might and right sometimes do go together, the upper level managers on the planet are beginning to provide serious attention to their contemplation of self survival. Unfortunately, in this war, there are no survivors. Until that really sinks in expect movement to occur as people and things come to be reorganized in self survival mode. When lines are cut there is nothing left to stand on excepts one's own nature.

In the between of one's breath, that is where we are today. In this moment of deep silence and peace history comes to be made.

This is but one small, tiny corner of the universe and yet here we are, completely immersed in the totality of action and reaction. In our tale of hopes and dreams our lives become fraught with danger and reward. In the seeking of self expansion we come to find that we are nothing but pawns in a game which we do not yet fully understand. There is no honor in denying the cornered animal a way of escape unless something more than mere honor is at stake.

For many, as the day ends a new dawn begins.

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