Welcome To Free Zone America

There are two very important Codes to keep in mind:

  1. To honor one's integrity above all else.
  2. There shall be no interference in the ways of Man.


[28 Feb 2005: This web site is here for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Mind-full delusion resists any other reality than the one we create for ourselves. Stepping out and beyond ourselves is about all that one can hope for. Perhaps this web site will help to break a few chains and allow that to happen.]

Trading and selling spiritual freedom is being propagandized, and practiced, as being the way to do business when it comes to Man's spiritual nature. As a commodity, it is being traded on the open market in much the same way as some typical mundane product would be. But this spiritual commerce, the effort to form it under Man's dominance, is neither spiritual nor freedom in any sense of the word.

The Free Zone is a term which was first made known by Captain Bill Robertson, a loyal follower of L. Ron Hubbard and of the Scientology religion and philosophy, to create an awareness that spiritual freedom can not be attended to while one's attention is fixated on those who would oppose such freedom. As such, the Free Zone can be defined as:

A ZONE, or area, where spiritual awareness may be pursued FREE of outside or disruptive forces

As would be expected, quite a few individuals have hijacked the Free Zone term and completely redefined it's purpose and intent to be more in line with their own selfish ends - spiritual commerce. This commerce now includes anything that can be sold, any personal philosophy or belief, whether for personal power or the power of the mighty dollar. As for the Scientology philosophy, these people are much more interested in selling their products than they are in achieving Spiritual Freedom.

In a like-manner, the Free Zone America name has also been hijacked, redefined and used as material for spiritual commerce by a previous web master who was removed for gross misconduct.

FZA.org has been on the Internet since 1997, and through it all, the following statements can be most assuredly made:


The Bridge to Total Spiritual Freedom is to be found in but ONE place, and one place only. In You. YOU have The Bridge, the capacity and the will. YOU have the skill, the knowledge and the insight to, not achieve some propagandized state of being, but to actually BE Spiritually Free, wholly, fully, and completely.

In order for that realization to become fully known, this Web Site, completely FREE of external influences which seek to hamper one's spiritual progress, is here and continues to BE here providing a clear and definitive route to where it is that you are going.

When one places one's spiritual freedom into the hands of another, there is neither freedom nor spirituality to be found. Knowing how to know means that if it is not true for YOU, then there is no truth.

Discover for yourself just what you really are.

Someone once said:

"We've been on the Internet since 1997 directing attention into areas that many find to be not only uncomfortable, but unconfrontable as well. Sometimes, in order establish room for one's unencumbered spiritual journey into self awareness, outside influences can, and many times do, permeate themselves into our Universe, disrupting our attention and intention. This is the reason for the creation of Free Zone America - to create an area where outside influences become impotent in their reign of terror and where we, ourselves, may pursue self awareness diligently, freely, and purposefully.

Spiritual Freedom is not just an idea or an idle dream, it is an established fact. Here, we let that fact demonstrate itself through actual personal insight. Not through ideas, concepts and beliefs, but through established personal experience. There is no greater teacher than you, yourself, when you come to know."

From The Top Down

FZA can be considered to always be under construction. Dynamically aligned, this web site continuously changes. It is alive. Not alive in the sense of being self-aware but alive in the sense of being a representation of what Spiritual Freedom is actually all about.

It's not about self-interest, it is about being - not becoming one thing or another, but simply being.

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