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Old Free Zone America

The old web site Free Zone America (fza.org) is but an ember of the past which provided an entryway into something completely different. Since that original focus has dropped away the mantle of righteousness became as clothes for others…. 09 Mar 2010

Why Is This Website Here?

[Ed: Regarding fza.org] A ‘why’ is always a good place to start. As a matter of fact all decisions come down to that - a why. Why did the church abrogate Ron’s Scientology? Why did Ron’s Org abrogate Ron’s Scientology? Why did the… 04 Sep 2008

Questions & Answers

Q: I’m confused. Your site makes mention of Scientology quite a bit and yet you also have various things about other philosophies. So what is the web site really all about? Are you or are you not a Scientologist? Great questions. There is… 19 Aug 2008

About This Web Site (fza.org)

Free Zone America has been around for quite some time. According to various projects and such the website has been active or dormant as necessitated. From hosting wild and crazy practices and procedures to the hint of reality, the gamut has… 03 Jan 2008

Conflicting Opinions

There are two websites which are piggy-backed to each other, seemingly reflecting a dual interest in matters of the spirit. This apparency is false as both are one and the same. The only difference is in the facade, in the view. Here at Free… 16 Nov 2007

FZA: Some Q & A's

This page provides general information in the format of Questions and Answers or FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions.Q: What happened to the fza.org domain name?.. 08 Sep 2006

Questions & Answers: The Untold Story

Speaking to no one in particular, here are a few Questions and Answers: .. 12 Jul 2006

Contacting FZA

If you have a question or comment which you would like to share, please use the appropriate Guest Book which can be found in the various areas of FZA. No contact is possible at this time. FZA is not in the business of buying or selling… 10 Jul 2006


All material on this website builds upon a foundational structure which is called Spiritual Freedom. This is not a freedom in idea or thought, but a moving toward the actual reality in which our characteristics take form and shape. Hence you… 19 Dec 2005

Welcome To Free Zone America

There are two very important Codes to keep in mind:.. 14 Nov 2005

Hold That Thought...

The Free Zone America web site is currently on >ARCHIVE< status. For a more fuller, deeper and richer experience visit Gathering-Minds.net.. 14 Nov 2005

Acceptable Use

By accessing this web site and the information contained within, through any and all means, you acknowledge and agree to the following: -You voluntarily support and fully agree with the intents and purposes of Free Zone America and of the Free… 25 Oct 2005

The Definition Of 'Truth'

Truth has come to be defined in so many ways, sometimes conveniently so. Unless one has an understanding of what it is then it would become impossible for one to live in integrity, or lead an honest and just life which, of course, would result… 08 Aug 2005

Banking On The Mind

Considering the bank, which holds the experiential memories which we have accumulated over the entirety of existence, how is it different than the mind? What is the function of the mind and how does it relate to the bank? Are they one and the… 09 Jun 2005

Scientologist: A Definitive Question

What is a Scientologist? No memory recall is required, just a personal response… 02 Jun 2005

Is Thought Aware?

In order to know if thought is aware or not we must have an understanding of what thought actually is, not what someone tells us it is, but what our own understanding is. Based upon your own personal understanding, is thought aware?.. 12 Apr 2005

Purpose And Conduct

The “Forum” section is an area where visitors and members may post messages, replies and comments subject to the Acceptable Use(acceptable-use) policy of Free Zone America. The emphasis here is not on how much one can say but on how direct… 01 Mar 2005

About FZA

Free Zone America is a place where spiritual freedom is actively sought in an intelligent and sane manner. There is a great fondness for directness here without all the obfuscation of who and what is ‘right’ along with the insane amount of… 28 Feb 2005

FZA Guest Book

Feel free to leave a short message in the Guest Book about yourself or this Web Site. Please do realize that this Guest Book is subject to editorial review and discretion. Our focus here is on spiritual growth, on a deeply personal level…. 10 Jun 2004

There Are The Many And There Are The Few

There are many, many religions on this planet in which to pick and choose according to one’s own liking. Some like it the “Devil’s” way, other’s like to play hide and seek in a cave. There is something for everyone here and funnily enough, there… 28 Aug 2003

The 'Force' Behind Free Zone America

There seems to be a bit of confusion about who really owns the Free Zone America web site. I am going to provide some data that will resolve this confusion quite easily and directly. There is only ONE person who owns this site. There is only one… 25 Nov 2001

FZA Awards

All referenced links are obsolete. —-.. 04 Sep 2000

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