FZA: Some Q & A's

This page provides general information in the format of Questions and Answers or FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What happened to the fza.org domain name?

A: The fza.org domain name has served it's purpose and will not be renewed upon expiration. Archives of variously posted data will continue to be made available until such time as they are removed. The Free Zone, per it's unaltered definition, is still viable but as a result of current progress there is little that can be gained by extending the life of the Free Zone America website. Like fresh baked goods, the expiration date is there for a reason.

Since there is no attachment to any specific domain name, the Free Zone, if required in the future, could resurface but given the current state of affairs this is a remote possibility.

Free Zone America is currently in archive status with some selected reading for the casual observer.

Q: Where is all the data and information that used to be on fza.org? Can it be found anywhere else?

A: In order to summarize and cut to the chase, all superfluous data has been removed. Finding this archiac data elsewhere is not advisable unless one is seeking to become entrapped by their own inner urge to be 'free'. Beware those who will offer to sell you that freedom.

Q: How do I get into contact with the Free Zone?

A: You don't. Through your own auditing, it will come to you if it is to come at all. Not all are willing to be dedicated enough to see their auditing through, so if you really think that you have the courage to finish what you started, then do that first. Joining like minded groups will only limit and therefore terminate your progress.

See Addendum.

Q: Are there any contacts, groups or websites that are recommended in order to progress up the Bridge?

A: Expanding one's Dynamics requires greater and greater self responsibility. Self responsibility cannot and never will be achieved through any type of group or association. It is a completely unique and individual 'you' experience though there are many who will gladly lead you to their idea of "the way out".

There is no way out as there is no way "in". The apparent reality of illusion can be quite strong and not all yet have the courage to actually know what that really means. Perhaps a handful, terrestrially speaking.

Scientology is more than just a philosophy or a religion - it's a way of life. If one were to fully live that life then becoming will come to an end along with being. There will be just you - wholly and completely. The idea of coming home doesn't even come close to doing it justice.

Q: I really like communicating with others who share my views on and about Scientology as well as in general. Are there any discussion boards on the Internet that you recommend?

A: None. See previous FAQ entry.

Here are a few elementary Q & A's

Q: Is there really such a thing as the Galactic Patrol and if so, wouldn't this go against what you said earlier about not being part of a group?

A: The way to discover truth is to find it out for yourself. What is true for you is true for you. When another takes away your right to self discovery it becomes an unethical act. It would not be a part of an ethical groups nature to do that. Just because there are no current groups on this planet who can live up to that standard does not mean that none exist at all.

Expanding one's awareness requires the removal of limitation. Actually, all that it requires is the ceasing of effort to contradict one's own true Nature. The rest just comes naturally - as it should. This distinction is very, very important.

Q: Is there any truth to the statement that OTs work better as a group?

A: Yes and no. Rising up through the Dynamics through self responsibility requires one to be completely and utterly alone. This journey is a very lonely one as you are the center of the universe and therefore your truth if yours alone, not any one else's.

The corollary to this is that awareness expands to encompass a range far greater than the limitations of each Dynamic. It's as if it is a step ahead each time. In this progression the physical universe is left far behind as the 'group' is consumed by the one above it.

Think about where that leads.

Q: Is the Church of Scientology a viable solution?

A: A viable to solution to what self-made problem? Taking responsibility is not something for the faint of heart. It requires an OT to go OT. Just do it.

Q: How do I get a handle on my life so that I can put more attention on practicing the religion of Scientology?

A: Attention units are like little yapping dogs. They go where they feel like it, tugging and pulling the leash along with anything that is attached. The highest Dynamic is complete responsibility, wholly and completely. In that totality perhaps one can start by using one's awareness ethically. In this Reach and Withdraw universe most are entrapped by their own Reach, by grasping and holding onto thoughts, ideas and concepts and few, very few, realize that by untying the knot we realize our own true Nature.

Untying the knot simply means keeping one's nose out of things which has nothing to do with one's self. Auditing assists in getting the pc's attention OUT of those areas where their nose is firmly fixed. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the rest...

Reaching for the stars

Q: Where is L. Ron Hubbard and why did he leave Scientology unfinished?

A: Mistaking a dead body as proof that the being which inhabited that body is not longer "here" is shallow thinking at it's best. In this world of illusions and appearances there is a saying: "You can fool some of the people some of the time but most people are just plain foolish to begin with." Another way of saying this is that most people are so full of themselves that there is little room for anything else, like reality.

The reality is that as spiritual beings we take name and form. What separates the men from the boys, so to speak, is that there is a huge difference between those that knowingly do this and those who haven't the slightest clue what they are doing. Therefore, as a religious philosophy, Scientology is far from unfinished and L. Ron Hubbard, though long dead and buried, is far from dead. In order to find him, or anyone else for that matter, all that need be done is to look without using the body's eyes, to know without using the mechanism of the mind, to understand without comprehension. Twisted though this may sound, it is the truth.

Q: I want to clear the planet and move on to the next.

A: No goal worth reaching is ever achieved unless and until one overcomes one's self. Goals and purposes give us the motivation to be and become, but what of it when we ourselves are so destitute and lacking. There are enough entities on this planet who wish to clear it, to 'improve' it in one aspect or another, why join the fray and get waylaid on your own path of self discovery. The way of freedom starts and ends with you. So do that first and then see what happens.

Q: Why is the Bridge to Total Freedom so long and arduous?

A: Like all routes, plans and ideals they all serve a purpose and that purpose is mostly geared to motivate the unmotivated, to raise the dead and give life. One can rebel against the idea of hardship but the one who is narrowly focused on their own spiritual freedom would welcome it. Through trial and tribulation we come to know OF our selves but once we come face-to-face with our own true Nature we ARE our selves. The only thing holding us back is we, ourselves.

If it's hard, then we made it hard. If it's long, then we are continuously creating the path before us in order to give our walking shoes room to land. When the journey is over the shoe will never land, the goal never achieved and the path non-existent. Strange, but true.


Q: Will Scientology ever return to it's original form since it has now become so obviously perverted by the various parties?

A: Form and function perform their duties only until such time as their purpose remains unfulfilled. Looking outside of one's self the Universe takes form and shape. So what then is the purpose?

The past is a great place to discard one's baggage. Why not leave there for those who take great pride in living in it.

Q: When will L. Ron Hubbard take on another body?

A: Who is to say that this has not already happened? If one cannot or will not look for themselves then it becomes that much more clear that their constriction of the Dynamics is binding them, begging them to 'see'.

The 'trapped' fervently seek escape while others are just as happy to be here, there or anywhere. It's not a matter of controlling one's environment, it's a matter of coming to terms with one's own self about who or what we really are.

One need not keep a journal of all the bodies one has inhabited in order to understand birth and death just as one need not know who and what body will come to be inhabited next, if at all. Exterior motivation for our internal happiness is a mistake of great magnitude.

Know thyself.

Q: Where is Xenu and what are his plans?

A: He is in each and everyone one of us as a potentiality. Whatever attributes he possesses, you possess and his plan is complete domination, just the same as we have in store for ourselves when we wish to become Masters of the Universe, to achieve great heights of fame and glory. Selfish greed is the pay of the Black Arts of self deception.

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