A Magic Carpet Ride

Well boys and girls, it's time to shake loose the carpet and watch the dust particles fly. Take heart for all is not right in the state of union and therefore, because of it's timely demise, the ends come to justify the means. Here we find what was promised and now delivered with care. Many happy returns!

As the world turns so too do it's people. On the dark side, horrors of the night come a-calling refusing to be vanquished with a simple turn of events. Rooted in majesty, fullfillment endures it's release and it's capacity to inherit the Earth. Promises made and promises kept. Mother Nature never had it so good.

Destitute and dying the walking dead are but empty shells of existence floating in mid air. There are no guarantees in life and surely not in the ideological ramblings of the insane. Of that, there are more than enough takers, so take all you want and be happy because it will arrive at your doorstep no matter what you do anyway.

As all hail the King of War, of what use is turning the other cheek when the populace is already horrible disfigured from a lifetime of turning and tossing, both in the grave and out. Clutching victory the marketeers joust in fair play. What fine pickings, my dear.

Any when the games are done, it will be done. Good-bye and fair roads ahead, may the long and winding road rise to meet you as surely it will. Destiny is not in the future but arrives in the fullfilling of the present. We are here, but you are not and so reality comes to be lost in hopes and dreams, never to see the light of day. Turning the page to end the Chapter, all which comes after is blank. Perhaps one has chosen the wrong Book for entertainment.

Best wishes on your voyage. Perhaps the fishing will be good and if not, then one can always count on the quality of being busied with unrelenting mediocrity and leaving just as empty and unfullfilled as one has arrived. At least we can get a free souvenir for our toils and troubles and then let everyone know just how much fun can be had on a luxury liner of the rich and famous.

The open water can be a very, very mysterious place. If you know what's coming you will already know what's good for you.

Waving to the wretched from on high, it's a wonderful planet to die on. Joining the dinosaurs, good company is to be had. Playmates!

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