The Creation Of Beingness

Out of the movement of our selves there comes to be 'created' beingness and this beingness is where we come to call home, the center of universe. This is indeed where all is viewed from and becomes characterized over time and space into having all sorts of quirks and fantasies. This creation, our very best masterpiece, is who we think that we are. As you can see, once in existence, beingness takes form and shape and all happens both within and without it's clearly defined sense of awareness.

How is it that our form and shape comes to be known as something which we 'are' when it is far, far from reality? As in all games in life, we become the characters we play, and so become ruled by them. Beingness is the appearance while that which lie above and beyond appearances remains unchanged - and this is what we really are, our 'native' state.

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