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From FZA: Some Q & A's:


Q: How do I get into contact with the Free Zone?

A: You don't. Through your own auditing, it will come to you if it is to come at all. Not all are willing to be dedicated enough to see their auditing through, so if you really think that you have the courage to finish what you started, then do that first. Joining like minded groups will only limit and therefore terminate your progress.


(This is an addendum to the above.)

The Free Zone, as made known by Captain Bill Robertson, began as a purposeful undertaking in order to move along various plans made by those concerned about the state and welfare of the planet called Earth, or sometimes referred to as Teegeeack.

Due to various circumstances and such, the Free Zone is no longer a viable entity and therefore has ceased to exist in it's original form and intent. The ending of this chapter of Human events is as it should be and little information will be made widely available on this matter.

Although the Free Zone has been ended in it's participation of the activities of this sector this is not to say that any part nor parcel of it's stated intent has been rejected nor neglected. It will continue to runs it's course until all vectored points are ended. The anticipation is that this will be wrapped up fairly soon.

This further explanation of the status of the Free Zone will not be addressing any outcomes, profiles nor observations that may have or will, come out of that endeavor.

Any indication of Free Zone activity in circulation can be considered to be bogus and therefore null and void. Any and all due consideration given to those who espouse otherwise are in error and accept full responsibility for any and all consequences. This is per standard operating procedure for case actions in vista agreements1.

There is not a withdrawal from the planet but an alteration and incorporation into other, higher purposes in which human endeavors will continue to have a place although the position of such is likely to deteriorate until indications preclude otherwise.

As always, individual beings do not make right or wrong choices but only decisions based upon their own sense of responsibility. Teegeeack's future now contains the results of those responsibilities.

For those who wish to move on to this next level of the playing field the recommendation is to see your auditing through before becoming embroiled in an issue that requires a bold step into an area that MUST be prepared for. There are some things which you just cannot take with you...

  1. vista agreements: This definition for vista seems quite appropriate: "a pleasing view, esp. one seen through a long, narrow opening." Also: "a mental view of a sucession of remembered or anticipated events." 

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