Missing The Obvious

Looking around, we see and in so doing we come to understand where it is that we are in the Universe, where we "fit in". Without this foundational underpinning of our consciousness we would be lost since one cannot stand rooted without a basis in being. Can this be the obvious, so eagerly overlooked by seekers, both high and low? Are we missing the obvious when we deny to our selves that our beingness has cause, purpose and fulfillment?

As one wanders through life looking and searching for the Golden Fleece we seem to continuously stumble and fall in the pursuit of our hopes and dreams that one day, some day, we will have it all - anything and everything that we wish for with no consequence, with no regard for anything but our selves. We all seem to be working for attainment in complete disregard for our purpose in being. How can one attain anything when there is no lack of ignorance of and about our selves? How can we achieve the greatness we seek when the ignorance of our selves holds us so firmly by the root? Is beingness tainted? Have we taken the cheese so that the trap will spring?

Binding our selves to time, shape and form, we live. In this living we come to find both happiness and sadness, the duality of our beingness becomes apparent and so we strive for the illusionary existence we find outside of our selves whole heartedly. Always grasping but never holding, we venture forth upon the world to make our mark and come away lonely and devoid of fulfillment. How is it that one can come to be filled with illusion, born of the apparentcy we seem to know only too well.

How is it that one can miss the blatant, the obvious? How is it that one can completely ignore our basis in being and yet come to be quite knowledgeable about a world gone mad with desire - our desire. In seeking, we merely exteriorize that which already exists within and in refusing to come face-to-face with it, we throw the bone as far as we can so that we will have something to chase. Why must we chase anything at all? Why are there so many seekers who look for one thing or another continuously striving for that which always lies just beyond the horizon, just beyond the edge of awareness.

Chasing our selves all about the Universe can be silly, so perhaps, from the cause of our beingness, we can realize that we are just looking into the mirror, gazing into our own reflection and creating the reality we live. We are our thoughts, our purpose, our devotions, our efforts. We already are all that we imagine. Can it not be more obvious as to why nothing can be found in the Universe which does not already exist within, that does not already come from the core of our beingness? We are what we see and all the negative aspects which we so fervent avoid are a direct result of failing to come to terms with that.

We create our own sorrows by living an illusionary reality which in fact has no existence at all. We strive to live when in reality there is no death, no birth, no existence. In a pain-full life where is the room for taking the time to understand that we are that pain when we busy our selves with running away from it, from wishing that it were not so. In demonstrating to our selves that pain and suffering are a reminder that we are not that. A joyous living does not come by being happy and content but merely makes it's presence known when we cease running away from it. Peace is our nature, so when we make something out of nothing is it unreasonable to deny our participation? Is it unreasonable to ignore our very existence just so that we can, perhaps, "live" a happy and rewarding life?

In missing the Obvious we lose our selves in our creations and in so drifting upon the sea of illusion we come to explore many an isle with many an adventure. Where it will end only you know.

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