Tag: chasing

Down The Rabbit Hole

Events can seemingly takes us for a ride but we all know that nothing trumps our own existence. We are what we are and there is no going back. From where we deliver, all outcomes come to pass. As we reflect upon our own good nature we ask... 20 Dec 2022

Missing The Obvious

Looking around, we see and in so doing we come to understand where it is that we are in the Universe, where we "fit in". Without this foundational underpinning of our consciousness we would be lost since one cannot stand rooted without a basis... 11 Sep 2006

Tracking Eternity

Looking for the pot of gold can turn into something completely unexpected. Seeking, we tend to become lost in the "process of". Whether we become embroiled in climbing the ladder of success or in becoming 'spiritually enlightened', the... 03 Sep 2003

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