Tracking Eternity

Looking for the pot of gold can turn into something completely unexpected. Seeking, we tend to become lost in the "process of". Whether we become embroiled in climbing the ladder of success or in becoming 'spiritually enlightened', the "process of" getting there always takes us to other times and places. It's like taking the l-o-n-g road to get where it is that one wants to be. And when the l-o-n-g road is taken, out comes the desire to get there in a hurry. We want to reach the end of the road quickly.

It seems a bit odd to purposefully take the long road and then to encourage the idea that we much hurry to reach the end. Of course, the easy thing to do would be just to go to the end, but when one is chasing rainbows, the "end" is a l-o-n-g, l-o-n-g time coming - if ever.

Sooner or later, the process itself comes to be looked at and it is at that time that the realization hits home. Spinning your wheels while you are stuck in mud will do nothing but entrench you that much further into the mud. It's true that there are many, many adventures to be had in this Universe, but in that direction lies the past; what we must do is arrive in the present, and become fully aware of that fact.

It's easy to be one thing or another, but what is left out of the equation is being oneself completely and totally. Believe it or not, that is about all that one can be anyway, but there sure are a lot of Thetans out there diligently trying to falsify that reality.

Chasing one's tail leads one to dizzying heights and sooner or later the 'crash' happens. It's like falling back into yourself, you become, once again, what your image of yourself really is. And then the long climb out begins again. And again. And again.

At the bottom of the well is Reality. Perhaps it may be better to come to terms with what you really are and then to begin, if necessary, any climbing out that might be viewed as being necessary.

The whole problem of running away from things is that after a time they begin to chase you. Actively and with gusto.

It's like a wake-up call.

The phone is ringing, why not answer your call?

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