So... What's The Big Deal?

Keeping one's attention fixated along some particular path can be a very noble endeavor, but there is an inherent danger in following any sort of route. The route itself, can become the way.

That would be a no-no.

We don't want the route, any route, to become the prime motivator. It is, as it should always be, the prime mover. Routes are there to keep you moving.

After a time, even the route itself puts a damper on things, but until that point is reached, get off the hamster wheel and start moving.

You can't get there if you're all tied up with here. Being busy has it's rewards, but when it comes to Spiritual Freedom, those rewards are not something to be desired.

When an individual is busy seeking rewards, the route suddenly becomes a dead end. The only reward, that could ever be considered worthwhile is the desired reward of Spiritual Freedom.

Ya gotta want it. Real bad.

So if you're here seeking pretty pictures and/or visually stimulating web pages, forget it. You're in the wrong neighborhood.

Here, what's in fashion has never changed. It's stylish, appealing and incredibly rich, not only in creativity but in depth of experience.

A Thetan, in all of it's beingness, is something to behold.

You are in good company after all.

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