Chance Encounters

Acknowledging others ideas towards greater whole-being survival greatly enhances the sphere of our own individual survival. That is not to say that other's ideas are valid and of sufficient worth whereby they must be relegated to one of supreme authority. Acknowledgment validates the philosophic approach to what we all ultimately wish for - sanity.

Sanity is not something which can be bought or sold thru the services of the local merchants. In many cases, that which we barter entails much more than we at first realize. It is the same with the perception of sanity. Do not wish for something which you obviously have strived to do away with. The dichotomy requires understanding to unwind the lost threads that have become the tangled web in which we are the sole masters.

Our own endeavors have brought us to where we are today. It is what will give us the ultimate freedom that we envision for ourselves.

Visions of darkness bring us darkness. Visions of spiritual freedom bring us the results of our actions in total disregard to the established rules of the road. In order to survive the quest, one must be quick and nimble. Ever changing in our perceptions, we alone gain the confidence to surmount any and all obstacles in our path but facing the demons requires us to stand fast and test the limits of our own choosing.

The choice is ours, the path is ours, the demons are ours. We own the road and everything and everyone on it. We are the masters of our own universe. Never confuse or disparage yourself with roads of other's creation. Those are the paths of other travellers. Be at peace with them as they symbiotically travel their own tortuous routes of despair. Despair is what we all face when the roads we choose become tangled as a result of our own poor construction skills and of our excellent abilities of self denial.

Face not the road in which you have cemented your definitive travel plans, but face the decider of fate who treads a much different road. You will not be disappointed.

The temperament of life is one of fluctuation. Catch the wave and your propensity for life will be greatly enhanced. Miss out on the understanding and you will surely be dining with Davey. Choosing is the choice that must be made, for either path entails the same rewards, but it is how those rewards are served is what is important to some.

Gaining access to the truth and knowledge of this universe does not require one to be a "truth seeker", a "bringer of light", or even a "dark soul". It merely requires one to understand the self and to do that there is a single requirement that must be met. It must be wanted. Not just pronounced and stated as a matter of fact. It must be felt with the knowingness that can only come from within yourself.

Why reach for the sky when the sky already exists within yourself? All you must do is convince yourself that you exist and that you have the power to choose for yourself. The power we lack is the power which we have given away. Stand fast, face your created demons and let yourself evolve into something greater than the obstacles in which you have placed your confidence.

There is no freedom and there is no slavery. There is only you, and in that universe there exists a wonderful, very unique, being. I await the day for the chance encounter to occur.

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