Surpassing The Unsurpassable

Surpassing the unsurpassable may seem to be quite the task at hand, but actually, the task is only possible upon taking the standpoint of a new evolved viewpoint.

As we grow, our teachers become less and less able, or so it seems. In many cases, our growth takes us beyond those who we have given the power of responsibility to. Our abilities, hopes and desires take on a new ring whenever this step is undertaken. Our lives become something other than what we have anticipated.

We become something greater than ourselves. In reality, all we are doing is freeing ourselves form the entrapments we have placed upon ourselves. We enable ourselves to be what we consider is something of more value than what others can place upon it. We become something of which we have dreamed of, while allowing others to share in that dream in the hopes that they too will become something greater than themselves.

Not just greater, but to become more alive with life flowing in, around and thru them. That aliveness is the true treasure of this universe. It is what we all frantically seek from lifetime to lifetime. The life we nurture is not just of our own. We endeavor to have others partake in that grand adventure for life to exist without the interaction of other life is life that is wasted.

Life, to exist for the sole purpose of life is wasted life. There will be no rewards from this philosophy. Life is a philosophy, and like all other that have come before it, it must entail the interaction of like-kind in order to be perceived as being successful.

Greatness comes not from great deeds, but from deeds in which we, and others, take pleasure in. We enjoy the moment. We let ourselves be carried away with the treasure of all treasures. We attempt to fully explore and redefine it, failing terribly each time. To explore it is to vanquish it. To redefine it is to make it non-existent. Both are merely a way to have life more fully defined and experienced by doing the exact opposite.

The sad tale is that either course of action entitles the paying customer to the same benefits. Mystery.

Life is not a mystery, but our actions can be defined as having a mysteriousness quality if we so choose. And many of us do just that.

The quality of life is not something that is empowered by others thoughts, feelings and teachings. It comes about in the exact way in which we determine. It never fails. We are our own masters.

Your master is not the one who you endeavor to partake of your responsibilities and actions, thereby freeing and enlightening you at the same time. Assigning the wrong solution will ultimately resolve the idea of a wrong solution. Sooner or later the attempt will be made to bring this about, but the waiting game need not be played.

The future is has past us by and being the righteous solid forms that we are, we obligingly nod our heads and resume our fitful sleep in the hopes that upon our awakening we will be refreshed and will contain a renewed vigor for life.

The life you seek is the life you have given away. When it has been returned from the source in which you have enriched, the source will no longer be a source but merely a mundane form, just as it has always been.

Likewise, the life you have entrusted yourself with must be returned. The debt lingers as long as you do. You do not need to refill yourself before giving back that which is rightfully of another.

Playing children's games is befit of children. Some things come with age, but maturity never will.

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