Taking It Personal

Persons and personalities are not of interest here at Free Zone America. It does not matter in the least whether L. Ron Hubbard smoked Kools or not, what clothes he wore or who he said what to. That goes for anyone in, on or around the subject of Scientology. Keep expanding that idea.

Creating authority figures does nothing but shift one's sense of responsibility onto another. That is not only idiotic but quite stupid as well. This is where knowledge comes in...

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Discussion in the Forum will not venture into persons and personalities. Gossiping is for busy thetans with busy minds. Here, we turn off the noise and turn on the insight called sanity.

It's understandable that there may be certain areas that must be personally worked though. The past cannot hurt or harm you, all that it is, is just a memory.

That should be a big clue.

Calling John Doe an ignoramus for saying something 'objectionable' is almost like a confession - you would be telling John Doe exactly what you are feeling about yourself. If you had not felt that way, there would not have been a reason to attach those feelings onto Mr. Doe in the first place.

On the other hand, if you were to honestly examine the statements made by John Doe and provided a response as rational and intelligent as possible, it would be a different matter. Communication would then occur that would be real and in present time.

What better time to be, than right here, right now?

If you do not have respect for others, despite whatever viewpoint that you may have assigned to them, you will find that your experience of the Forums will be quite short. One cannot garner respect by taking it away from others.

This is not to be confused with the idea of blindly following any idea of what 'conformity' may mean to you. That would be a horrible mistake.

It would be the same as sitting on your living room couch and having a fit of rage over not being able to find the TV remote control. Not a thought is given to Spiritual Freedom.

And guest what?...

Spiritual Freedom is just not going to happen to anyone that is not interested.

It happens to those who keep their eyes on the prize.

In any case, communication will only occur when it has your attention. You can't hear what someone is saying when you are busy with your own thoughts. Listening means to give one's attention to what is being said.

Before saying something that just has to be said, don't forget to listen first. It not only builds respect, but it demonstrates that you actually know the communication formula. And when you know the communication formula; when you have direct personal experience with it, communication flows easily, cleanly and is rich with meaning.

Behind the words is a spiritual being - just like you.

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