There Are The Many And There Are The Few

There are many, many religions on this planet in which to pick and choose according to one's own liking. Some like it the "Devil's" way, other's like to play hide and seek in a cave. There is something for everyone here and funnily enough, there are plenty of takers.

Here, we have chosen Scientology in which to express ourselves. It could have been the Catholic religion, or even perhaps the Mormon one, but the choice is Scientology and so, here we are, neither condemning nor proselytizing.

When it comes to religion, the accepted practice is to strive for and attain, beliefs and convictions. And then to pass these on with vigor and fervor.

Not so here.

If you surround yourself with convictions and beliefs you will come to see quite quickly that FZA will have absolutely nothing to offer you. Rampant thoughts and desires are what got you where it is that you are today. Seeking some sort of spiritual salvation that can accommodate your accepted patterning is about as ridiculous as looking for peace with a machine-gun in your hand.

It's not going to happen.

Breaking through ignorance is one of the most toughest jobs there is. Using Scientology as a route to break through ignorance is simply using the best tools available at the time.

Where else will you find a religion that honestly tells you up front that eventually you will have to leave it behind.

The right tool for the right job. And when the job is done, the tool is no longer required. So what do you do with it? You pass it along to someone else that can best make use it.

Here at FZA, we treat the Scientology religion as the religious philosophy that it always was. It's true that this outlook differs remarkably with that of others who make claim of it's acceptance and it's practice. But that is not what we are addressing with Free Zone America.

Anytime that the term Scientology is used on this site, it refers to Scientology's basic, unaltered and religious nature. It makes no reference, in any way, to other's ideas about what it might, or might not mean. Here, we are extremely clear and pointed in what we are doing. There are no doubts.

Using a tool does not require fanaticism in it's use. A tool, any tool, is only as workable as it's owner. When you know how to use a tool, when you become expert in it's use, the tool become one with you. There is no separation.

There is no separation.

When the labeling stops, there is no separation. And in that statement there is more insight than you can shake a stick at.

Wanna see?

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