Causing Grief

What is it that makes us cause trouble and unrest in another? Is there something within us that, just within the edge of our awareness, awaits it's moment in time to spill it's carnage upon the unsuspecting? Why must there be some feeling, some emotion that must be emptied upon another and even in it's demonstration sometimes there is more than enough for another round. Unless we become aware of what we are doing and through shame and regret, we force a change within ourselves.

Forcing change is like caging a wild animal. Sooner or later it will seek out and complete it's mission of escape - unless it dies in the process which is merely just another means of escape.

Coming to terms with oneself is the hardest thing that can and could be undertaken. And part of the reason for this is that all the pain and anguish which we wreak upon others must one day be faced in it's full demonstration upon ourselves. Delaying tactics such as "It's their fault." never work in the end.

Running away is the wild animal in it's escape patterning. Taking flight, it moves.

Moving away from ground zero we come to relish our freedom to do as we please upon the world, little realizing that freedom is merely an escape from slavery. For one to be free requires slavery - whether found within ourselves or in another. Coming to terms with both, requires the courage to face our own evil. Face to face.

Being on the receiving end of our causation, we tend to run. Therefore, elimination of that causation must be examined else our why comes to naught.

In infinite potential there is neither action nor reaction.

It's like the scales of Justice. Weighing good and bad the scale inherently contains infinite potential.

Taking sides is a different story altogether.

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