Losing One's Experience

As we trod the well worn dusty trail we keep our sights upon the heels of those before us. Where it is that we venture, we do no know. When it is that we will arrive, we can not say. To carry our load is our quest and getting there is just no fun at all for Life is for the Living and surely, we do not belong.

Out-guessing ourselves we cleverly disguise the wolf within, devouring all who cross our path. Climbing to the top of the food chain, we must eat. Why must we lay such thought and purpose to our lives. Do we not exist but only for ourselves?

Struggling, we are the fish which wiggles on the hook of Eternity. Breaking free becomes impossible when we have firmly bitten more than we can chew. Escaping through adventure, we tend to hide ourselves among the rubbish.

Sooner or later, the fun ends and with it, terror walks freely. It is not the terror which we fear but our dreams. With an entire Universe at our disposal is it any wonder that we are captivated? Bound by our actions, we cannot face the Darkness naked and alone.

There is no other way out.

Sooner or later, as the options run their course, all that will be left is what you started with. Isn't it funny that the fear of losing one's experience can be so fundamentally earth-shattering?

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