Breaking Away

Learning a new dance step can sometimes take quite a while, especially to master. But like all else that becomes new, it's not the step itself which implies importance, but the beat to which it owes it's allegiance.

The beat can also be called The Hammer.

It's like the saying: "For whom the Bell tolls, it tolls for thee."

Keeping a beat, especially a progressive one, requires a bit of finesse. It's almost like juggling. Besides a watchful eye, it takes a bit of experience, which of course, can only come by actually doing it. Some like entertainment though, and never entertain the idea.

Swinging, Thor comes to be seen in a completely new light. No matter what we think or imagine something is or could be, it remains unknowable until we eventually come to see it for and as it really is.

Who is it that doesn't like a surprise every now and then?

It's too bad that in surprise lies stupidity, waiting to be awoken.

It's like riding a bicycle, removing your hands from the handlebars and saying: "Look Ma, no hands!", and immediately crashing.

Secrets, remaining ever elusive require just as much stupidity.

All one has to do, is look. What could ever be more simple than that?

Breaking from one's past route of destruction, whether fully realized or not, comes in many packages with many bows. Sending yourself a wake-up call sometimes goes unanswered while in the midst of stupidity. "I just do not know."

Knowledge, fully realized, becomes existence and in that existence there is Life. It is the only Life there is.

When banging away at a nail, watch the thumb. Sometimes, it can get in the way. But once struck, who is it that does not say: "That was a stupid thing to do."

When one listens for the Bell, it is like expecting the effects to arrive. Yes, even creating those effects through that effort.

It's fun when everyone plays along in the same Game. It's even fun when The Hammer comes along during those times when not everyone is playing together. It's funny, besides being a wake-up call, it reminds everyone that we are all playing along.

Don't kill the messenger for the message you wish to receive.

The Jester is sometimes the Ace in the Hole, and at other times he is on the Throne of Victory.

With this much jumping about is it any wonder that the cry goes out: "Just sit still for a moment, will you?"

Jealousy will get you no-where.

Giving one's life away for another is no different than trading a few pieces on the Board. The important thing is this: What will you do when it comes to be your turn?

My only advice can be this: Watch the thumb.

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