Great Leaps Takes Greatness

Answering the call of Nature, Silence attends it's Domain. There is nothing alone but what is desired to be alone. Lost is not just another word for confusion, it is also the state of affairs on this planet. Dying to get ahead, no one escapes.

There is no escape from ourselves. And that is the whole point of religion, to try to come to terms with ourselves. Unfortunately, we tend to place our faith and trust in those who themselves, greatly lack what we are looking for. Finding a moment in time to stand firm in something that is just a tad less confused, just a tad more sane will get you no further than just a tad where you are today.

Where, exactly are you today, anyway?

Taking great leaps takes Greatness. Settling for second best is like accepting the fate, any fate, that another bestows upon you.

Are you better than that? Are you meant for something much greater?

There is only one place that Greatness exists in this entire Universe and that place is within you. There is no other place, neither in time nor in space.

There is much truth in the saying: when you have lost something, it can be found in the last place you look, so look there first.

So look there first.

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