Horizontal Horizons

Taking off in flight, we actively pursue the Wandering Eye of Attention. Looking for ways to experience ourselves, we fly high and wide never staying the moment. Relishing our victory we campaign again and again, victorious in our battle and battles.

Isn't it funny that we never side-step into Reality? Isn't it funny that in our never-ending quest of enlightenment we gain knowledge to do it better? Improving our flight path, helps us go from here to there much, much more efficiently. The wandering mind creates wonders for us all to behold.

Placing attention, we become the effect, drawn as a moth to a flame. Unfortunately, we never consume ourselves and merely seek new ways, new means, to our end. Killing ourselves is our deepest goal and yet creating ourselves is the highest. In the churn of our wake, we leave tracks whenever and where we go. "Look! Here I am!"

Prizing our possessions, we gleefully demonstrate who and what we are. "I live, so that others may die." takes on new meaning. Venting our leftovers, surely there is more than enough for everyone.

Enclosed in our tiny corner of the Universe, we ensure our survival by living. Expanding awareness is for the foolhardy and surely we are much better than that. Our domain extends far and wide and sometimes we must explore and experience it all. Ah!, the wonders of existence!

Surely the time must come to empty ourselves of ourselves. What is one to say to another when that time has not yet come for them? Perhaps it is just a matter of persuasion, but fooling ourselves we simply extend our horizons even further. There are always new boundaries which beckons our nature, but must we answer our call?

Perhaps it is just a matter of likes and dis-likes. Perhaps of prime importance is our very own thoughts and cogitations on whatever it is that must be thought of and pondered. Existence surely deserves such attention and conscription.

After all, it must be our lack of discipline which requires lavish attention as to it's needs. Perhaps, in our exploration, we will discover all there is to know.

And it just may happen one day that our energy will finally run out and as we plummet back into Reality, the smile on our face will reflect much more than the remembrance of the thrill of the Ride of Discovery.

Sooner or later, the Flame of Desire consumes itself. And then you shall die a most wonderful death and never will you be re-born. If the Messenger must not be killed, then who?

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