Holding Tight

The mind is such a wonderful play toy. We extract endless hours of entertainment from and because of it, keeping ourselves quite busy and fully occupied. Is it any wonder that we seek salvation?

Demonstrating to ourselves that we exist, we gratefully watch the imagination pass by before our eye, again and again. Boredom of self eventually requires us to seek experience elsewhere and so we search high and low, always denying the action. It is we who are in control, is it not?

Gasping for air as we jog down memory lane, there must be a way out. Seeking an acceptable 'end', we try on new clothes, new faces, new environments, new ideologies, all to no avail. Sooner or later, we come to find that there is only one way out, and immediately strive to alter the 'way'. The Universe must, after all, conform to ourselves, must it not? Headlong we plunge into the Darkness seeking recompense, and so remain.

In relation, we build Eternity, and as always, it just continues to elude our grasp. As it slips further and further we look not for a way out, but for the 'bottom' to rise and meet us. Surely our fall will one day end. It must.

Preying upon our hopes and dreams, imagination takes flight and saves the day. The end is never near unless we stray too far from 'home'. In safety and comfort, we live.

Dreamers dream and little else.

If you are to shed the Darkness you call home, then it follows that you must take action. Thinking about it will do nothing. Talking about it will do nothing. Aligning yourself with some cause or causes will do nothing. Perhaps it may be time to bring out the most potent of weapons - Understanding.

Understanding comes about by looking within yourself for the answers to your existence. You are the answer to the question.

What could be easier than that?

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