Agent Organge

A funny fellow this Agent Organge. Tricks of the trade he knows well and in his actions he takes pride. Associating one thing with another, confusing and giving pause to his prey, he provides himself with hours of amusement and entertainment.

Playing word association, one picture comes to be confused with another. Meaning one thing, but in reality saying another, is such a fine art of deception.

Sometimes, in order to convince the mind to stop chasing rainbows for a moment, illogical logic must be employed. Giving the mind pause in it's never ending quest, peace comes to be known. In that moment of peace it is where the real work take place.

It's quite easy to create emotional scenarios which are compulsively followed and, of course, taken to task. This becomes especially useful when observed in others between others. But unless one is firmly grounded, one can be sucked into all sorts of conflicts and emotions.

It's like taking a walk down memory lane.

Remember, the word is not the thing.

It would be like confusing a dollar bill with money.

All those get rich quick schemes do nothing but have one chase rainbows. It's the same with the never ending process of becoming spiritually free.

There is always a pot of gold somewhere to be had. Just because someone tells you "Go fetch!", it doesn't mean that you have to.

Who is in control anyway? You, or all those pictures everyone is talking about?


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