Just Be

Duties carry a certain weight of responsibility. Aligning oneself causes. Creating the roadmap, we become consumed by our convictions. There is nothing wrong with this idea but when we begin to overtake ourselves the road suddenly takes a wild turn. Out in the desert of life, we find ourselves, struggling and gasping for air.

Taking an interest in our dreams, we invent. Endless the road can become but as we eek out a meager existence we implode. The sky falls and we land on our feet. Is this the same road?

There are many, many hopes and dreams scattered all throughout this Universe. Littered with broken hearts there is much company to be had, but that is not for us. Stepping lightly, we find the way open.


With energy comes effort and the price that is extracted is always bargained with in an attempt to lower the consequences. Why bother when there is no escape anyway?

Through Time, Cause has found root. Ensuring our survival, we endure. What insanity is this?

Finding ourselves becomes a full-time occupation and the shores of our desires are, of course, pounded into submission. Would we have it any other way?

Following the footsteps we see upon the sand, we hope. And then we dream, little realizing that we are asleep. Refusing to believe, we disrobe and cast our Nature aside. "That is not me." Seeing ourselves cast aside, is it any wonder we are on a 'spiritual' quest of 'finding ourselves'.?

You will never find yourself somewhere else. Neither in time, space, thought, word or deed. But don't let me stop you from trying.

It takes an enormous amount of effort to be something other than yourself. Clothing oneself with things of 'not you' is like sending up a flare in the middle of the night and saying "I am not here."

It wasn't me.

But it is you. There is nothing else. Why keep looking at all the "else's" and create confusion?

Madness spreads like wildfire and yet who is it that will ever be brave enough to lift their head above the insanity and put an end to it? There is no one other than you, yourself, that can do it.

You are not the thoughts, concepts and ideas that everyone just seems to love to ignite in others. You are not even the clothes that you have cast aside.

It's a long way to fall, but I'll catch you.

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