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Putting The Pieces Together

There always seem to be a number of widely dispersed events occurring each and every day through out the world today. As we are indoctrinated to regurgitate what we are fed, these events come to be looked upon as something far out of our sphere... 15 Jul 2005

Just Be

Duties carry a certain weight of responsibility. Aligning oneself causes. Creating the roadmap, we become consumed by our convictions. There is nothing wrong with this idea but when we begin to overtake ourselves the road suddenly takes a wild... 24 Sep 2003

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

There is a large segment of the so-called spiritual community which, after becoming bitterly disappointed in their personal experience with one ideology or another, move on to other endeavors, other hopes and dreams in which to once again... 23 Sep 2003

What Is A Free Being?

A Free Being, is one who is FREE to BE anything at all. That statement may seem innocuous and trite, but in fact, it means a great deal. In some circles, the term 'Free Being' could be said to have a deep, deep meaning. What is considered... 27 Aug 2002

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